Track surgeries


And surgeries (medical procedures)

I cannot remember dates and end up giving the doc inaccurate information!

Date, type of surgery surgeon, location, cost, notes

Customizable Trackers

Hi @purplepez—Thank you for sharing your idea to track surgeries!

I’ve moved your reply to its own topic here, titled “Track surgeries”. This helps make your idea visible to others (and our team)—and also allows us to update you if the idea is implemented in the future.

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I like the idea of a surgery/procedure tracker to include what, where, when, who, why, how, any notes (complications, open vs closed, implanted devices, hints of if needed again) I don’t think cost is a good thing to put here though.


I like your specifics! It’s fine to take out cost. It wasn’t a deal breaker for me and if I wanted, I can always just stick that info in the notes section.


I feel the same way. I had a car accident in 1995 and way to many surgery’s to remember and I have been avg. At least 1 a year since. So that would be very useful especially since all of my surgery’s are head related problem’s.


Thank you so much for putting the idea in someone else’s head. That would be so very helpful. Thanks Again!😇