Track surgeries and procedures

And surgeries (medical procedures)

I cannot remember dates and end up giving the doc inaccurate information!

Date, type of surgery surgeon, location, cost, notes


Hi @purplepez—Thank you for sharing your idea to track surgeries!

I’ve moved your reply to its own topic here, titled “Track surgeries”. This helps make your idea visible to others (and our team)—and also allows us to update you if the idea is implemented in the future.

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I like the idea of a surgery/procedure tracker to include what, where, when, who, why, how, any notes (complications, open vs closed, implanted devices, hints of if needed again) I don’t think cost is a good thing to put here though.


I like your specifics! It’s fine to take out cost. It wasn’t a deal breaker for me and if I wanted, I can always just stick that info in the notes section.

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I feel the same way. I had a car accident in 1995 and way to many surgery’s to remember and I have been avg. At least 1 a year since. So that would be very useful especially since all of my surgery’s are head related problem’s.

Thank you so much for putting the idea in someone else’s head. That would be so very helpful. Thanks Again!😇

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I recently copied my surgery history into the conditions field on my profile so that when I print off the wallet size medications list it will be included on the sheet. I used this as a work around since there is not a surgery list option, works great.

Agreed I’ve had over 30 and I can’t remember them all.

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Sinus surgery
March 17, 1993
7 Rivers Hosp
Crystal River

I put a list in notes, but having a tracker would make it easier and a more consistent format

Hi @Nancy318—This is a place to discuss suggestions and ideas for adding a specific area to list surgeries in the CareZone app. Apologies for any confusion, as this feature is not yet available.

I’m happy to share that you can always list your surgeries in the app in the Notes module (under the More tab). Just title the note “Surgeries” (or anything you’d like) and create your list there.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an Inbox message through the app or reply here.

Thanks so much!

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Oh my ! Me too !! And worse because I’ve traveled ALL my life …giving accurate information is made worse. What , when , where … holy moly !! And MOST were emergency situations. So I do my best . It’s all we can do. Luckily our children and grandchildren will not have this problem. Everything is electronic

I have an assortment of sedated procedures happening on a routine basis and being able to enter these on a tracker so that select info [time, type of procedure, doctor and location of procedure] appears on the calendar with programmable reminders wold be really helpful. This way I can easily see when the last time was that each specific procedure was done and when it’s due to be repeated, which could be displayed in a different color to indicate it’s yet to happen.

Agree. I have had multiple surgeries. Can’t remember them all. Exact Date and year. This would really help. I also have chemo brain. I forget a lot now.


I had a surgery this week, does anybody have suggestions on how I can record my healing progress? During surgery my bladder was punctured and repaired, of course. Oh, and another thing … Where is the search function to look for tropics within these postings? Thanks and blessings to all

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There’s a journal option in +more you may find helpful to keep notes about your surgery - best wishes in recovery


Thank you, and so far so good!!

Hi @Elytherial—I’m so sorry to hear about what happened during your surgery and wish you a speedy recovery.

The Journal is a great place to track your healing progress. (Thanks for helping @michelle3!). You can even print your Journal entries from the web at

I’ve moved your post to this related topic here to keep you updated if a surgery Tracker is added in the future:

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It would be helpful if there were a way to track surgeries and other medical procedures.


I put all mine in the notes section. It took awhile but I’ve had so many I needed a place to put them for my drs. It’s helped to have them listed there when seeing new drs. I just created a sub topic surgeries and procedures and listed by year as I couldn’t remember dates. But my drs really like that I’ve done that. Hope this helps.