Track bowel movements

A tracker for normal BM to extreme diareah with dates and frequency would be very helpful, since this could track side effects of some meds. You have perfect tracker for oxygen saturation and pluse. Great app!


I agree! I have Crohn’s Disease and I have a separate app to track GI symptoms, but looking to integrate all my info into one app.


YES thts a gr8 ideal, sometimes I jus can’t remember if I did or not.


I totally agree. I have ulcerative colitis and need to track my bowel movements also. I sometimes can’t remember.


Bowel movements. For Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, post operative, pregnancy, medication,etc.


Agree! My son has constipation, so tracking his BMs would be of great help to us!


Hi there! I’m Emily; I work at CareZone.

This is a great suggestion for a tracker! When you track bowel movements what info are you tracking (frequency, color, consistency, etc.)?

Thanks for your input!


Yes, frequency, color, consistency. Maybe others may have other info they could add that would be important. Thanks for responding.


We’re interested in mainly frequency, but I think we’d find consistency and maybe volume (small, medium,large) helpful too.


I have extreme constipation. I would like to track frequency, and medication I took for example stool softeners.


I really like this. I have had two biel obstructions in the last 3 years due to the side effects of medications. Doctors always ask me when mg last BM was. Since I don’t have one on a regular basis it is really hard for me to remember.

Frequency, size/amount, consistency. Also would be good to be able to link to laxative dosage.


Yes track bowel movements. Also not having to repeat tapping screen for medication reminders.

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I work in an industry where these are tracked daily and the Bristol stool scale is used. It would be a great place for you guys to work from.

I have irregularity in my habits mostly diarrhea I can not have Dairy and many other foods. It would be a good idea to keep track of them! ❤️

Most doctors want to know size was it small, was it a large amount besides frequency, or color.
They may want to know if it is greasy looking, does it small foul or normal.
Dose it have undigested food in.
It can tell a doctor a lot by those things.

This is a great idea!

I have Crohn’s and Type 2 Diabetes it’s hard tracking both and having to use 2 apps.

If your going to add a stool tracker familiarize yourself with the Bristol Stool Chart also known as the Meyers Scale. These are the types of things the doctor will ask and they will also want to know if the stool contains blood or mucus.