Toxic smell from oxygen concentrator hose

Just a quick question has anybody else get this smell from your oxygen hose that smells kinda toxic. ? Any response would be appreciated.


I can smell the chemicals in all my C pap and the mask, I have to wash them in dish soap and hot water before I can use them. The smell is nauseating to me.


Thank u

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I’ve nt really noticed it as far as an all the time thing , but I do occasionally smell weird smells. I’m a just quit smoker for a few months so I’m smelling a lot of things again lol, I thought it might just b me.


No not just you, the first time they put an oxygen mask on me the smell made me throw up.

You are very welcome! Anytime.

Thank you everyone

Soak in hot water. Should get rid of the smell. I ran mine thru a wash cycle in the washer. Put on delicate so it doesn’t destroy the hose from over agitation. Let dry thoroughly before using again or if you have a air compressor u can blow it out to dry it.