Thyroid and Tonsil/Throat Cancer

In May I was having an issue with my calcium and my Parathyroids. There is NOTHING they can do except take them out, then you will have to be on Calcium the rest of your life. In June I had a CT scan of my neck to see if there was any abnormalities. Yes there was, on my Thyroid, I had a module on my left and right sides. Biopsy scheduled July 2nd. July 17 confirmed Stage 2 Thyroid Papillary Carcinoma… surgery is set for September 11 to remove The entire Thyroid and Parathyroids that were not healthy. Surgery day is here, I’m in pre-op, Dr comes in and wants to know what that lump under my jaw. I say I don’t know, it has been there as long as I can remember, it may be a little bigger, I’m not sure. He cancels the surgery sends me to the hospital. They draw blood and do an Ultrasound on the left side of my neck. Later that day the Dr calls me and has a biopsy scheduled the next available morning. That was a Monday. I had a missed call while I was in there. A different Dr:, DR Jackson wants to see me as soon as possible. He scheduled surgery to take it all out, he wasn’t waiting for biopsy results, he said he could tell by everything already sent.
On 10/1 I had my entire Thyroid, 2 of my 4 Parathyroids, and 6 ly lymph nodes from the Left side of my neck removed. 7 days in the hospital, I also had a chyle leak, that was 5 daily shots in my belly.
We went up to the follow-up appointment and Dr Jackson told Us that I have Stage 4 Tonsil Cancer. Had my surgery 11/4 removed left palatine tonsil, left lingual tonsil, and 4 lymph nodes on the right side where the cancer has spread. I scheduled to start radiation therapy minimum 20 days, and chemo is still undecided

Let’s hope back to the Thyroid Cancer, a different issue like having a splinter on a broken finger, 2 different treatments.
I had a radioactive iodine pill, was quarintined for 48 hours at home
5 days later had a total body scan. They saw where the iodine was still moving thru my system. I have 3 weeks to go and get the next scan to make sure it is all gone, or I will have to do the iodine treatment again.
This is a book, and there is so much more PET scans, CT scans, RADIOACTIVE shots,
If my experience helps even 1 person… Oh something important very important!! My throat cancer is from HPV, I am 54 years old, they didn’t have that vaccine when I was a kid. I have been with my husband 22 years.


I’m 65 and I had HPV from my ex- husband,who I was exclusive with, by he was not, was married to him for 6 1/2 years got a divorce and got Cervical Cancer from him that didn’t show up until I was married to and pregnant with my 2nd husband’s baby. Doctor had to take a cone shaped piece of cervix out and sew my cervix shut, that way it wouldn’t spread to the baby. I was 6 months pregnant at the time. They had to do a Csection 3 week early. Within 6 months the cancer was back and they had to do a total Hysterectomy, which meant I couldn’t have a 2nd child with my second husband. I have been cancer free for 30 years now. So Sorry to hear this about you. May God Bless you and help the Drs get you Cancer free.


How are you doing? I Pray that God and doctors will help to make you better and heal you! Please give us up dates on your progress.