Throwing ip

It is a average of twice a week now
I hate eating because it hurts to up chuck all the time.

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Are u in severe pain? I get really nauseous when my pain get really bad. Have me on phenergan

Have they dignosed you with anything? If I eat any solid foods I throw it up soon after it sets in my stomache. I gave gastroparisis. If things dont get better in 2 months tbey are sending me to Cleveland Clinic for either a feeding tube or a stimulater that blocks in my brain that my nerve is damaged in my stomache.

Ended up throwing up all day yesterday anytime i put anything including water in my mouthh. Then into diarrhea, so didn’t dare take my insulin. Woke up this morning 79 bc, and feeling fine

I used to get sick when I didn’t have the right kind or amount of food when I took my metformin. It is a learning experience.