This works for me

Yes, I know that one for sure! When my husband and I got married, my hair was in a short afro. I started growing it out after we were and it took him 4 years to notice that it was now 10 inches long. Go figure! Then he never wants me to cut it, my hair grew past my butt at one point, but now that I’m 65 it is brittle and breaking off and starting to get thin. After 37 years of marriage he finally said I could cut it, if I wanted. 😊


Hi Susanmiller, isn’t that something with some men,(most) they never notice those things…


You can do it. One day at a time and pat yourself on the back for getting better.

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I will try this
190lbs September 15 2019

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Great. Good job. I will try this. The thing is I don’t like water. I am doing a 21-day challenge with Kangen water. Hope to see some positive results. Detoxing now.

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Thank you very much! 😁

I’ve been sick and out of the conversation… how have you been doing?

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Hi everyone. Thanks for sharing what works. Would love to see recipes on what everyone is doing to lose weight and what works and what to avoid. Blessings everyone


Thank you!

I’m better now, no Bronchitis but still have a horse voice. Being sent to an ear, nose and throat doctor now.

I am exercising every day. I started eating Seattle Sutton 1200 calorie plan. 3 home made, fresh meals that taste great. They are expensive but replace shopping, cooking, calorie counting, kitchen cleanup, decisions on meal planning, avoidance of impulse buying, and gives me peace of mind on my eating habits. I also find I am learning proper portions and I know when I cheat EVERY time. When it happens, I realize how out of control I have been over the years.
I’m 72 and weighed 317 last January. I have diabetes, severe COPD, asthma, very limited mobility, high blood pressure. I was hospitalized and in rehab from August 23 to October 3…7 weeks. As of today I am 263. My breathing has improved dramatically, I can walk farther than I have in ten years, I’m not holding water any more and my brain in back. My CO² was very high and my brain was oxygen deprived. The rehab center told me I was their biggest success story ever. I believe it was a miracle. I have annually been in the hospital/ rehab for 3 to 5 weeks and never had this success.
I can’t afford the food program on my limited income but I decided to use my limited savings … I know if I don’t succeed I won’t need the savings as I will not live to need it… never give up… miracles happen.

I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. You are indeed a miracle and God is working miracles in your life. Don’t ever give up hope and keep on persevering with that which you now know works. God bless you

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Thank you. God has my back always and in all ways! He told me…no more games Jill. This is my chance to have a great senior life and I’m taking it.

That is awesome I wish I could do that I weigh a hundred and 188.7 and I cannot lose weight I don’t know how to I tried to eat right I don’t drink dark pop I drink sprit Sierra mist 7UP father and I still can’t lose weight can you help me please and thank you

Look into doing the keto diet. It will give you results right away. But you must stop all sugary drinks, sodas and just make the right substitutes to satisfy the cravings. I drink mineral water to satisfy my carbonated craving. I have started using Monkfruit sugar sold at Costco. For my sweets cravings, I make my own cheesecakes from keto recipes posted in Pinterest. This diet works if you follow it. You will see immediate results. God bless you and give you the strength to persevere.

Doesn’t it give you heartburn. I’m afraid of trying because of that.

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How much water do you drink per day, also how much Lemon are you putting in

No I do not get any heartburn. I think the brand of water is La Croix if I am not misspelling it.

I try drinking at least 4 bottles of water. I heard this formula a while back that you are supposed to drink about 1/2 of what you weigh. So if I weigh 160lbs, half is 80
Divided into 16 ounces = 5 then you are supposed to drink 5 water bottles.
Each water bottle of the regular size is 16.9 fluid ounces. You could add lemon if you want b

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Don’t drink any sprite, Sierra Mist, or even Coke Zero. Instead for that carbonated feeling buy mineral water or LeCroix which is sold at Costco and it comes in different flavors and no sugars added. It takes a bit to adjust but it satisfies the desire of the craving for carbonated fizz. If you do this, it will help your weight loss. Stay away from rice, tortillas, breads, sweet breads. Try the keto diet. It works. Introduce it at your v peace. It works. Pinterest has many free recipes.