This is Carezone's plan?

Is this what Carezone has in mind with their system? All you see need to be individually cut from the rolls, and put into a regular pill dispenser because otherwise I WILL miss meds, in another box, on another roll. I take meds 3 times a day and need only 3 bagged “doses” but I get anywhere from 4-6 different bags/day. I wrote and asked for better planning and consolidation to no effect and no change and no response. I’m probably going to make a video of me setting up my pill dispenser for another week. This system as it is only creates more work and trash. I won’t give Carezone the vid unless they pay me for my work. Yes, I’m poor and resentful. You’ll be able to ask me for the link to see it on YouTube.


Hi @bruceallanross—I’m so sorry to hear about any issues with your pharmacy services and pill packaging.

Although the pharmacy doesn’t see messages here in the community, I will definitely send your note to the right place for immediate assistance.

If I can help further, please feel free to send me an email at

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BTW, I posted 2 photos for this post of same thing. Stack of pill boxes from Carezone. Not really what I was expecting.

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Doubt this is how it’s supposed to work.

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Thank you for keeping in touch. I appreciate you taking time to share the photo of your packaging. I’ve forwarded it to the pharmacy, which will be very helpful in resolving your issue.

The pharmacy is looking into the issue now and should be in touch with you very soon.

If you need any further help in the meantime, please email me at since this forum is not monitored 24-7.

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Wow, that’s overwhelming. I take over 40 doses a day, so it would be hard for me too. Some have to be taken far from others to prevent interactions. It would be a pain for you to set up, but could you get some index cards and boxes, and cut apart the pill packs? Then you could write what pills go behind the card, with the time of day on a tab. Then put what goes behind the tab for that dose. I hope I am explaining okay. Get a young person who likes puzzles to help with this,lol! I’d find a student who might be happy you let him/her help you. Not a fix, but maybe a workable help. Good luck.

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I’ll have fun “puzzling out” your great sounding suggestions for a couple of days. Sounds better than my current stack 'em till you need 'em method. Turns out, glad I took the photos. “Someone” stole all of them 2 days ago. With a lot of pressure I got 6/7 boxes back yesterday. No clue what was in that 7th box. Still trying to get it back. It’s been that month.

CZ has been very understanding alonv the way, and available. When I asked for greater consolidation I acknowledged it will be a process that will only get better with time. I take 10 meds a day at 3x a day, and each med is in a different stage of being refilled. That puzzle is more like a Rubik’s Cube to consistently divide 10 doses into 3 bags 7 days a week. No surprises.