This "App"!

I read a comment stating this “app” might be shutting down😭 I am serious as a Heart Attack… I pray it never happens.
I have posted my comments about this app on the “APPS” COMMENT PAGE in the past.
Out all the Apps I have downloaded, this program/app is the best! I think they should receive an award.
I love being able to open it & pass it over to my doctor or nurse. Everything is there! It takes the medical staff less time to read & they receive information about my total body.
My list of prescriptions is enormous. Half of the names I can’t pronounce. On This App Everything is Written on the page: what I take, when, what for, last refill. EVEN WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!
I constantly share all the things I can do with the appt. I am constantly making new discoveries. I love Notes. Any concern for the physician, I list there. The Journal has been a lifesaver in my Good & Bad moments. I am so Thankful for this. The Tracking portion of the app earn a “A”, to infinity & beyond.
Record Keeping for every disease I suffer is listed all on this app.
When I had problems with my blood pressure, cardiologist asked about my sleeping. There was my chart, telling how long I slept, comments whether it was a good sleep. What disturbed it.
I was only sleeping 3 1/2hrs TOTAL. A Cpap was ordered & my sleep improved.
When I was going through grief of a family member “Journaling” was my escape. Plus, I like the mood & pain charts. It goes on & on, all the specialities it address’s.
This program is the best I have seen & ITS FREE! I have looked over other apps, they don’t come close to the flexibility.
A big plus is “IVY”. She is our problem solver. She makes the app, relatable on so many ways. She makes it “Human”.
State employees received a free glucose monitor. “Hated It.” Luckily, I had continued to document the remainder of my previous results on this app. So when I gave up on the free meter & was able to show the state the errors the new meter was making. I could record keep on this appt far more than the other.
I have complained we ask too much of the app but the programmers constantly use our problems to guide there improvements.
I regularly thank God for the creators of this ALL EMCOMPASSING APP!


Lol, GOTTA LUV, Ivy !!


It’s not closing down but there are
issues that the are working on, my app is still just fine, It also gives me all my notifications etc. Actually spoke w a rep from C Z, & assures me all is ok


I remember the personal attention I received from Ivy & one of their programmers. In case you didn’t notice, 🎉 I LOVE THIS “APP”! The support is outstanding!🥰❤🎊


Thank you!

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I indeed remember, these guys are MARVELOUS!