Tens unit and estim units

Hi all! I recently noticed a lot of muscle loss in my legs and arms. Has anyone used a tens unit or estim unit for ms fatigue, muscle loss and development, or pain relief?


I am interested in hearing more about this. Has your doctor suggested tens?

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My pain management one said it was worth a shot. I’m going to start using it everyday and lodging pain and differences noticed to see if I notice a real difference. I was curious if anyone had experience with it. It does help with muscle spasms and electrical type pains. I can let you know what I find out as I use it. I have a device from Zynex medical that has a tens, estim, and pain blocker setting.


I have used a TENS UNIT FOR PAIN RELIEF FOR MY MS AND ARTHRITIS. I love it. Really helps the pain and non pill with side effects.