Talk talk talk

Every since I’ve been in my 40s I’ve noticed ( and so have others) that I talk way too much too often. About nothing that important that I don’t let the other person get their own words out. Even interrupting. I don’t even like the sound of my own voice lol. This happens with people I know, family and other like doctors, postman, .It’s like I need reassurance or something. That my thoughts are valued. Dunno why I’ve changed either. Never was like this my earlier decades. If anything I was more shy and self reserved. Not sure…


I was too, I was very reserved when I was younger. Now it seems like no one can shut me up.


Do you feel anxious? Some people can’t stand silence. They feel like they have to fill it.


I use to. Now sometimes I find myself too quiet. But I like it


I have the same problem. I think a lot of it is being afraid that I will forget what I want to say and then I find myself rudely interrupting others. I also am deaf in one ear and sometime find myself not hearing them and unknowingly interrupting. For this reason I avoid crowds, such as parties.

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I noticed that about myself too! Im 44 yrs old and just recently realized that I talked to everyone a little too much. My Dad brought it up to me about 4-5 years ago, and since then I’ve tried to be friendly but not super talkative to the point of people noticing. I’m doing better, but I still have to catch myself when I start going on too much. I back down and try to listen to what is being said and join in only when I’d really like to say something. If you ever want to talk I’m here, drop me a line. Good luck, and take care of yourself…


Yep yes same I was always shy and quiet somewhere in my 40s I’ve become so talkative that I find I can’t wait until the other person finishes.
I even notice that I’ll be talking to myself , muttering my thoughts aloud .


I’ve never been good with crowds scenes. I only do the one on one person talking. I’ve always been like that. And by doing that I limit the friends, by only having one at a time. Oh well, think that now it’s part of me in my 40s not gonna bother trying to change that.
Just hafta learn to allow another to speak before jumping in. Take care now…

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Don’t worry you are not alone. I too am a talker, an open book.
Try practicing listening when someone talks. Most people do not listen. Be patient it will take time.


Since my husband died in 2012. That all I do saying nothing. I know especially my kids what’s to know why. I use to never do it. I just turned 64 last Sunday. Figure it out let me know. I just seem to get nervous when anyone comes

I’m a 32 year old guy and I have noticed that I do the same thing…
I think I get uncomfortable with silence, so I just start talking and talking and talking… I can talk for hours about nothing lol.
I also have the VERY BAD HABIT of interrupting others in conversation when it’s their turn to speak. I don’t even notice that I’m doing it until it’s too late… I know it must be extremely frustrating for someone who’s trying to have a conversation with me. People are usually so polite that they rarely ever say anything about me interrupting them, but it’s not right either way. I really try to make a conscious effort not to do this, but it inevitably happens anyway nearly every time I’m speaking to someone.
If I take my Xanax like I’m supposed to it helps dramatically, but I don’t like to be so medicated all the time.

Oh well, I guess most people can choose whether or not they want to have a conversation with you or not and walk away if it bothers them that bad…

It’s just part of who you are… You should never apologize or be ashamed of being you! And remember… You’re not alone!!

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I like to listen to others so I can learn things about them.
I use to live in Sacramento and I couldn’t even stand to have TV or radio. Now I am in Pennsylvania with corn fields all around me. I now listening to the radio as I clean house. And I am fine with listening people even more. I’m 71 and still listening to people.

Even though I feel I was the opposite way when I was younger. I’ve been on klonopin for years. And even though it’s supposed to calm you I feel if anything it makes me more talkative idk. I try to make conscious effort to listen and act interested in the other person, even if I’m not. I hate that I seem to be all about me and what I want to talk about and yes interrupting too. Must be annoying at times to listen to me go on and on and it’s nothing serious. That’s what’s funny.

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I can totally relate!

I understand what you mean I thought I turn 40 wasn’t able to walk no more I noticed that I started talking a whole lot now I’m just trying to be quiet stay to myself cuz I’m by myself most of the time but the ones that I know that care and understand that I’m in pain I try to talk to my pain as I talk to him trust nobody else LOL so don’t feel bad it’s natural we are human.

I also get many speedy thoughts in my mind which I feel like I must say whatever is on my mind even though I know it is not anything important.
But I think I’m not good with silence so I fill it up with just whatever. Whether round family or strangers.

But I wish I could stop my mind from having too many scrambled thoughts. The meds that I’ve been on for over a decade works great for nervousness/ panic/ sleep but does nothing to help my mind feels like it’s racing. Yuc.
Seems like klonopin is doing the opposite well concerning the thoughts anyway. I’ve mentioned it but he probably assumed it was a passing thing.

I have read, some people talk a lot because they want to be the center of attention. It could be a insecurity issue. You might want everyone to Like you. Or i think people just like to hear themselves. What are you talking about
Have you ever stopped and
put yourself in their position? What they maybe feeling or thinking? It sounds like you do not give them a chance. Sometimes, silence is golden. Some people just want you to listen to them. Not give advice. Just listen.
Meditation might help. God bless you.

That’s me. If there is silence I have to say something. And later when I am alone I admonish myself. I do live alone after my husband’s death. I have a dog and he listens and I don’t feel judged.

Same here. I know what you mean about interrupting people…to the point they forget what they were about to say. Thing is nothing I speak about is important so that’s why I feel it has something to do with not liking quietness.
When I was a youngster it was mainly the opposite. Oh well. I’ve tied those kind of meds with no success with the talking.

I noticed it after I turn 40 then when I realized when I’m talking people will cut me off like I’ve been talkin too long but I mainly do it when my pain is at excruciating level but I don’t talk when I feel worse cuz I’m bed bound I can barely get a word out but I still try to talk and it’s mainly to stay focused but I’ll let people know take me as I am