Sync CareZone with other health apps

I would like to see this app sync with other apps like Google fit.


I’ll second that - it would be a huge help!


Or Fitbit, or myfitness app.


I would love to see SHealth too!!

Add me to the list of trackers that would Love to have this much needed feature added.

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That would be nice, and possibly very effective.

I just found that my doctors site “FollowMyHealth” has the ability to sync with several apps. It would be so helpful if CareZone were one of them!! Also, a lot of providers use “MyChart”, but I don’t know if they have that sync option or not. Just thought I’d mention it if CareZone is working on this topic.

Apple Health is a good concentrator of data, but graphics are limited. I’d like all my data in Carezone.