Sync CareZone with other health apps

I would like to see this app sync with other apps like Google fit.


I’ll second that - it would be a huge help!


Or Fitbit, or myfitness app.


I would love to see SHealth too!!

Add me to the list of trackers that would Love to have this much needed feature added.


That would be nice, and possibly very effective.

I just found that my doctors site “FollowMyHealth” has the ability to sync with several apps. It would be so helpful if CareZone were one of them!! Also, a lot of providers use “MyChart”, but I don’t know if they have that sync option or not. Just thought I’d mention it if CareZone is working on this topic.


Apple Health is a good concentrator of data, but graphics are limited. I’d like all my data in Carezone.

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I love the carezone app and I recommend it to everyone Including medical personnel when I go for appointments. I also use it to keep track of their health requirements for my fur babies. I would really love it if cares zone could connect with my new fit bit Versa 2.

Sparks people would be another app I would love care zone to be able to connect with

At least half of my doctors use my chart as well …

If Carezone and Apple Health were in sync it would be the best of both worlds.

Ability to sync with Apple Health and other apps would be useful.