Sync blood glucose/blood pressure monitors with CareZone

I would love to have the ability to sync my Blood Sugar Meter to your app. I am partial to the Relion Premier meter, but I am sure that any brand would bring subscribers


I would like to see this app on here as well


Blood glucose meters and blood pressure monitors are available with Bluetooth connectivity, but tend to use proprietary apps for archiving. I would like to see support for directly importing the data into trackers.


Is there a way to import data from another app to the blood pressure tracker? If not, may I suggest a way to take BP reading within the Care Zone app. I’m taking my BP 6-8 times a day if not more and would like to have all my info in one place to show my Dr.

Importing information is not currently available, neither is monitoring. I think it would a great thing to have within the app. I’d like to know what anyone else thinks.


Hi @Flgirl44—Thanks for sharing your idea!

I’ve moved your post to this existing topic to connect you with others who support your suggestion.

Connecting external devices to sync with the app isn’t yet available. However, there will be an update here if this feature does become available in the future.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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I know what you mean. For me, it’s easier to input information on a computer keyboard in place of that tiny keypad on the phone screen. Consequently, I’m mainly reliant upon the Excel spreadsheet I created. I suggested having the ability to program the marks your doctor says is too high and/or too low. I’d been entering the numbers into the spreadsheet and then copying them into the tracker. Nothing was telling me my blood pressure was living in the low danger zone. Only because I saw the low numbers happening a lot did I call the doctor office and ask what’s unsafe. They asked for the numbers, I gave them, and they told me to call 911 and emphasized to do it NOW. I was transported to the emergency department by ambulance. Afterward, I got the information for what’s slightly high, moderately high, etc. I set up a color code chart and programmed the spreadsheet so that when I enter a number, it shows me the color for what range that number is in. Not everyone has the computer know-how to do what I did with the spreadsheet. If the tracker would at least have a safe/unsafe border that could be set, it would let people know they’re at risk and need medical attention. Having the same for blood sugar and for body temperature would do the same. If the tracker could do this, it could save lives.

I have a meter that uses Bluetooth to send my BS level to my phone and let’s me share it and create a graph.
I think this feature would be a great feature addition and would allow better more accurate tracking

I think that is a great idea. I am also diabetic. Also, I think that they should have a way to track food intake with carbohydrates, calories, fat, protein, fiber and more. A chart that could sent to the doctor’s as well.