Hi my name is Patty I just had the coronavirus test done an hour or two ago and i am getting everything done for my surgery in two weeks I go to have shots in my stomach Thursday of this week then I have a week with nothing and then I have to have another test and have a CAT scan done for my surgery on 9 July I’m getting kind a jumpy about it wondering if everything is going to turn out right they were supposed to do it along time ago and I’m hoping that I can get home with less than a week but I’m not sure about that

Dear Patty,

Listen to me. Everything is going to be ok. I may not be next to you but I will be there in my home, thinking and praying for you. I know surgery might be scary, but it is going to help you with what every is wrong that you need surgery for. I was told by my mom when I had to get blood work done, an di want I want you to remember this. " Think of something that makes you happy. Keep that in your head, after your done you won’t remember what just happened. " I wish you tons of luck. Keep me posted on how you are doing. I will always be here for you.

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Hopefully this will be my last surgery this is all because of my ex-husband he was verbally mentally and physically abusive to me and I had a perforated ulcer that and was bleeding to death and he kept saying no I’m not taking her to the hospital you’re not sick and that and then I caught him cheating on me when I was in the hospital and the third hospitalization when I was living in Texas he said take an Uber home I’m not coming to pick you up so I called my sister and she flew up flew down there from New York and my brother drove down there from Indiana and brought me back hot up I’m living in New York now near my sister because it’s easier with what’s going on been going on with me

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Dear Patty,

I am so sorry. I have been Cheated on before as well and I still haven’t found that special person to take care of me. I have many things wrong with me. I was abused by my Grandmother when I was little, so I get the picture. I hate abusive people. It makes me so up set. I hope that you will be able to move on from that relationship. I live in Pennsylvania, so you are just up above me. I am really hoping that I can help you out throw this bad time you are going through. Like I said before, keep me posted.

Sincerely your friend,


Ps. I think you are cool.

I live in New York about 8 miles from Ithaca it’s a small small farming city and my ex-husband is in jail down in Texas because he married the girl he was cheating on me with and then he abruptly killed her last year and end of February and that was when I was in the hospital and having another surgery at the same time do you have things fixed of what he did to me and the trail should be coming up soon I hope they hang them down there

OMG! I can’t believe he killed her. I am sk sorry. I hope you know that us girls have to stick togther. At least he is in jail where he belongs. I wish I could give you a hug right now. I live in Bloomsburg. The only town in Pennsylvania. Like I said I wish I could come up there and give you a big hug. Tho I am only 15 and I don’t have a car or drivers license. * Gives Patty a hug. * I do hope that hug works. I can tell you this, you have been through alot. ( Without you told me. ) Every time I have been hard times I think of it as a test. You probably passed the biggest test. There is probably going to be more test coming your way, but I know you can get through it.

Having been through many surgeries myself, I know how scary they are. I also had an ulcer once and the Dr kept saying nothing was wrong with me. Ugh.
But believe me when I say that you will feel so much better once you get this over with. Remember that you are a strong person with a reason for being. Find your reason, be the wonderful person that you are. Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for feeling that way I try to keep myself busy I could actually an afternoon but I’ve got to finish that they will be done today for my great niece is three months old and then I have another Afghan to finish is for my cousin who lives in Ireland first baby girl I actually also do coloring with pencils in the adult coloring books and that helps a lot too

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This will be the fourth surgery how because of everything that he has done to me and I hope it’s the final one and they don’t find anything else wrong with me inside and have to have more surgeries but I do try to keep myself going I like crocheting and knitting I do diamond painting sometimes but I do also like doing coloring in the adult coloring books that helps also

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That is good. Keeping yourself busy Is a good things. I write on Wattpad. Maybe you could write a short story. That always helps me.

I’m not good at writing I never was my sister was but not me

Oh, well it just a idea.

Just a random question. What was it like in Texas? I always wanted to go there, but I heard it gets very hot during the summer and very cold during winter. Is that true?

It’s a nice place to live but I wouldn’t wanna live there all the time someone’s were absolutely brutal and then went to wasn’t bad at all

Ok thanks.

I lived in the south suburbs of Fort Worth and Dallas it was a very nice community the house we had was beautiful but it was very hot down there

Oh ok

Oh wow, you did the right thing! All that abuse was causing your pain and illnesses. I was in a very similar situation and am out now. I’m so happy you called your sister and not an Uber! How horrible of him to say such a thing! It’s an aside that he was cheating (mine did too), but I look at it this way: that gave me a chance to get away from my abuser, while he was distracted by another. Unfortunately it is no better for that next person but you got out!

I really hope your surgery goes ok as well. I just had to acknowledge what you did was courageous. Now you just gotta heal the brokenness. Hope everything goes really well for you!

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Yes I am very glad I got out of there it now I am happyTo be able to get on with my life without any problems I hope