If you try to commit suicide and fail should you go to the hospital?


Get help 😕

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Yes!!! Love to you. I battle daily

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Yes, please go. I know it’s a daily struggle.
You’ve just gotten a second chance and the hospital can help you.
Love and peace to you.

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Yes,please do go get help or atleast talk to a professional who can help you. They are able to help you with the issues at hand. Please go to the hospital and stay safe.

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Why u want to do that??


Yes, you absolutely should!

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Yes please get the help that you need I know it’s a daily struggle I’ve been there I used to be a cutter and to go over the edge made it even easier until I realized there was so much more to stay for instead many years later my brother committed suicide what he left behind the squad I would have left behind

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What he left behind is what I would have left behind

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YES! Especially if you took meds. There are some meds that show no symptoms for several days but can then leave you with permanent damage that could kill you.

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I think you should reach out to any facilities offering help. We live in s small town in Washington. None of our hospitals have mental health facilities much less anyone staffed for mental health intervention and counseling.

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My friend, I work for the Suicide Hotline in my town. I volunteer every Thursday. If you need to talk to someone immediately please call the hotline. If you actually attempted and failed, call 911. Either way you need a therapist to talk to about why you feel your death is the only way out. I called the same hotline that I work for 25 years ago. I needed help then and I reached out. There are people that want to help you. There are those in your life that love you, whether you realize it or not. There is no reason on this Earth that would warrant killing ourselves. The hotline even has texting lines if you don’t feel comfortable talking. You can instant message me at dawn houghtling and I would love to speak with you.

Just to be clear are you asking for yourself, or to be able to tell someone that they are acting in a manner that scares you?

The reason im asking is multifold but I’ll try to keep it simple. First if you’re asking for yourself then you already know that what you tried didn’t have the outcome you were trying for. Hence at this point now I get to the real crux of the issue I’m worried about. Did/do you really want to die, or are you screaming for help in a way that can not be ignored. If you were really trying to end your existence and failed what pushed you to that extreme of a solution? Are you of the opinion that the world will be better off without you? If so what is prompting you to believe that statement? Perhaps you believe that you are in a broken body that can not be repaired, ie: are you suffering with immense amounts of stress/pain? Next what sort of support do you have around you, ie: do you have any friends who will wonder why you killed yourself if you were to succeed in ending you life. Even further do you have a friend or friends who you can be blunt with about why you feel that dying is the best option for you and the world. As an example you have so little to offer the world that throwing yourself away is a good option because for example the medical costs of keeping you alive would be extremely significant (ie: multiple millions of dollars per year/month) and the skill set you have would not be a reason to keep you alive for society’s sake (you have the skill set of a crew person working a grill at the local fast food place but with no expectation of ever learning any new skills.)

For an academic question about what should happen after a failed suicide attempt this gets to be a tricky question. Academically the responses given above are all correct, go to the hospital and get checked out. Then start dealing with the issues in a clinical setting so that the deeper issues which caused the suicide attempt in the first place can be addressed and hopefully managed in a positive manner. However as an academic question I really wonder why you raised this question since I received the feeling you already knew what sort of response you were going to get. Knowing what sort of response you’d get brings me back to wondering why you asked unless it was to push someone you cared about to seek help. Hopefully you are trying to help someone get help for their depression, or another issue they are having problems managing, and are not trying to seek attention by asking what you should do after a failed suicide attempt.

Hopefully things are clearer now and less stressful.


Yes you should

Yes you should I went

You should go before you try it. Remember that someone loves you and if you’re dead they will be very sad and miss you.