Suggestions for weightloss for people with Major heart issues?

I have several heart issues that cause me to either pass out, or to be completely unable to do anything. I have to fight so hard to do normal everyday things. I can’t lift anything more than my 9 lb cat. I can’t lift my hands above my head. These are just a few examples of stuff that I really need help with . I was 135 when my health started to decline and now im 210 , I really need to lose weight


Have u been seeing a nutritionist? They should be able to give you not only food suggestions knowing your physical limitations but even exercises u can do. If u can only lift 9 pounds, then use 5 pounds as a max and do what u can with those. Do lower body exercises. If u can get it doctor to refer u to PT, use it to help. (U should be in PT for bot being able to lift ur hands over ur head.) Is that a nerve issue?
I’ve had a heart attack, and I ha e HBP and osteoarthritis among other things. Trust me I know it can be hard. But when we want something bad enough we will find away. Those lik things can make a huge difference when done consistently…
Praying you find a way.


These are the known heart conditions, POTS ( post orthostatic tachycardia )
Symptomatic neurogenic orthostatic hypertension
Paroxysmal tachycardia
. I’m still working on finding out everything that is wrong with me and im not currently seeing a nutritionist as i have some knowledge myself from a minor college course i took in high School. And on PT I have my husbands knowledge on that lol ( marine veteran) and i just started at a local gym but I have fear that the trainers there will not have the knowledge i need .

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Go slow… I walked off 50 lbs.

With the POTS, drink plenty! Gatorade or vitamin zero water. Some POTS patients add salt to the Gatorade / vitamin water.

Start tracking what you eat. Aim for balance. LoseIt is a good free app that can track calories. They also have good recipes.

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Thank you.

Be sure to tell the trainers in detail what your limitations are.

They should. But if they don’t, like you said you have training knowledge from your husband’s. Do your own research also on your conditions. It can be so frustrating being sick and doctors not knowing the cause. I went through that for years until I had the heart attack. Almost killed me because it wasnt like anything you think of when you think heart attack. Had my husband not said lets go to the er. I would have died in my sleep. 5 min after I got there I passed out. Woke up in ccicu. Scariest thing in my life this far. Only now, once again things happening and all the tests come back normal… 🤦🏽‍♀️

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Try to walk little at a time to get your body moving. it will be hard at first and should get better. it will take some time and have someone with you.

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I’m 217 and I’ve been trying to lose I’ll stay the same I think I hit my Plato’s

There are now chair exercises check and see if that might help