Sugars out of control

I was just diagnosed with diabetes type 2. I couldn’t tolerate metformen so I am now taking Taking Glipizide ER 5mg. My a1c not that bad my sugars are all over the place not sure what to eat


Low carb, stay away from anything white: white potatoes, white rice, white flour and sugar. Try to have lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, green leafy vegetables and whole grains. Stay away from the sweets as much as you can.


Why would you have better or different results with medication

What if your blood sugar go low what can you eat?

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Yes I had to totally change my eating habits to keep my sugars good. If I eat three meals a day stay away from anything right and stay away from sugar my blood sugars are really good. I also exercise daily. My doctor says if I continue to lose weight I can get off my medication. So my goal is to eat right and exercise and get off the medication.


You can get glucose tablets at the pharmacy. If your blood sugar is low you can use those to bring it back up. But then you might need to get your medicine adjusted so you need to talk to your doctor.


A couple of things:

  1. I have to have another med (Farxiga) once a day with my Glipizide (twice a day) to keep my sugars in check. You may need another med along with the Glipizide.

  2. I find if I eat my “larger” (it is still a small meal, but I have more of the food groups) meal mid-day (rather than at supper time) my sugars are better. Then for breakfast I have a protein bar, bowl of cereal or an english muffin / toast, and at supper time I will eat a low carb smoothy or a yogurt or a tbsp of egg salad or chicken salad. What I eat for breakfast and supper depends on what I might eat for snacks at my other two “small meals”.

  3. My husband now does all the cooking so I cannot slide low sugar anything into the meal like I used to do. Because of that, I have to alter breakfast, supper, snacks if he overloads the mid-day meal with a lot of carbs (which he frequently does being the ‘good’ German-lot-of-starch-all-in-one-comfort-meal-cook that he is). How I alter some of that is:
    only half an english muffin,
    smaller bowl of cereal,
    smoothies with lower natural-sugar-fruits (apple instead of peach and I always use coconut milk in my smoothies rather than whole cow’s milk), etc.

I hope this helps a little.


You can also keep orange juice on hand or a small snack size candy - anything with a lot of sugar in it will bring your sugar back up when it drops too low.


An apple,orange. Somethimg natural that will bromg your sugar up but not make it sky rocket.


Somerhing else to stay away from is bread,pastas,caned items because it high in perservitives thats real bad for raising your sugar. Any thing that says,sugat free but if you read your lables it will syrup. If you dont read lables start to because developers sneak things in your food you shouldn’t have. I hope this helps. I know this site really helped me. I was dignosed over yr.


Watch your salt intake. Watch your carbs. I make sure to read everything on the box I eat stick to the serving size. Look for good carbs like lentils or chickpeas. Lots of fiber. Watch your red meats. I stick with chicken seafood. Good fish like tuna or salmon not tilapia. I eat lots of salads but look at your dressing as well. No soda or juice drinks. And stress can play apart to.


I eat some of this &
that. But when it comes to food I try to try to eat the right thing. I kn I’m not to eat sweets but i do,and thank God when i do take my Sugar its sometime 123-133- 140. The lowest was 98 i had a headache this i know my Sugar is low.

Oj- pack of sugar or table spoon of sugar Gt a candy bar it will work

Read secrets for beating Diabetes and goodbye pills and needles. These books explain diabetes better than any other. There are others, but there remedies do not work as well.

There is a book by John’s Hopkins, but I cannot remember the name.

I hope these help. Oh change your life style too.

Carbs should be between 45-60 a meal. Drink water at least 3 bottles a day. Test before and after meals to see where your at so you can adjust meals accordingly. Keep a log of your blood sugars. Also stress can change blood sugar levels. Most Dr. Want people to be 100-120,( however I have found with those I’ve worked with they feel best at between 150-205, however that is just my opinion) The goal is to keep blood sugar levels consistently the same because going up& down alot it is worse on body& organs. Water is the key. If your blood sugar gets to high drink 8oz of water wait 10mins& retest& repeat & you should see your blood sugar go down. Good luck. You can do it!

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Apples sauce or jelly and retest your blood sugar in 10mins& it should start to go up. They also have this tablets you can take that help bring sugar levels up

Did they actually test you for the type of diabetes. A friend of my was not told what type he was so he ask his doctor who guessed he was type 2. Then a new doctor sent him for a battery of test including a type test which confirmed he was a type 1.

After many hours of research, I found that most people are misdiagnosed and get worse because of it.

The type makes a difference on your treatment method.

Don’t let the doctor intimidate, get tested to be 100% sure so you get on living.

Try to stay away from the Carbs because they turn to sugar in the blood stream. If you have not done it yet switch to sweetner but beware of alcohol sugars because it can be just as bad as sugar. Cut back on bread’s and thing’s made with processed flour. Drink plenty of water to help flush the sugars out of your system. Become a label reader and look for the sugar and carbs in what you buy to eat.

The American Diabetes Association has lot’s of great information

I’ve gone through the ADA’s Diabetes Educare program and they will specifically drill it into you that a low blood sugar is a medical emergency that happens from either too much meds, waiting too long to eat or taking meds and not eating. Either way, you don’t want to have lows.

As to highs, if you keep a digital food diary, like with the app Nutritionix (Trak), you may find that there are a lot of hidden carbs in the food you’re eating. If you find that to be true the information will help you to moderate your lifestyle as you cannot remove carbs from your diet altogether. Your body must have carbs as it is used as your bodies source for glucose since it is biochemically impossible to turn fat into glucose. You need both protein and carbs at every meal and your body needs fats to help absorb and utilize certain important vitamins. So it’s a matter of finding a lifestyle balance that works for you and keeps your BS in a good place.