Sugar level spike

Just read ingredients and nutrition information. Watch out for the tricky sugar words. Beware of lunch meats. Your sugar in the morning after not eating anything or nothing sweet to drink. 120 is what they want it to be. Or lower.


Just read the nutrition labels & I take my medication with breakfast & dinner. Blood sugar level of 120 first thing in the morning is not bad.

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Can you share the recipe if not thats understandable

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Whole Wheat Tortillas

2 1/2 cups whole-wheat flour, I used King Arthur’s white whole-wheat flour
1/4 cup avocado oil
1/4 cup melted butter
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup water, heated in the microwave for 1 min

In the bowl of a heavy-duty mixer set with a dough hook, pour in the flour, oil, butter and salt. Beat with the paddle until crumbly, about 3 to 5 minutes. Scrape the sides as needed. If your hand-held mixer comes with dough hooks those can be used as well.

With the mixer running, gradually add the warm water and continue mixing until the dough is smooth, about 3 minutes.

Take out the dough and divide it into 16 equal sized pieces. I do this by making the dough into a big log shape that is about 8 – 10 inches long. Then I cut it in the middle. Then I cut each of those pieces in the middle and so on until you have 16 pieces.

Using the palms of your hand roll each piece into a round ball and flatten it out on a baking tray or board. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest at room temperature for at least 15 minutes or up to one hour.

Heat a cast iron skillet, griddle or 12-inch skillet over med-high heat. The pan should be fairly hot before you begin cooking the tortillas.

On a lightly floured board or counter top, use a rolling pin to turn each ball into a 8 to 10 inch flat circle (measure against your recipe if printed on a 8.5X11 sheet of paper). Be careful not to use more than a teaspoon or two of flour when rolling out each ball into a tortilla because too much excess flour will burn in the pan.

Grease the pan with a touch of oil (or ghee) and then carefully transfer each tortilla, one at a time, to the pan and cook until puffy and slightly brown, about 30 to 45 seconds per side. Set aside on a plate to cool slightly. Eat within an hour, refrigerate or freeze.


Thank you very much for sharing. They sound amazing.

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Homemade chicken fajitas and tortillas


How does coffee or tea affect your sugar levels. I drink unsweetened tea and coffee really depends on where I am. At home is no sugar and almond milk creamer. Or coconut almond milk
Work cause the coffee is not the best it was creamer and sugar. Have not had coffee in awhile cause of my anxiety and read caffeine can elevate it. At work I will just have to drink it with out the sugar and bring my almond milk with me. Just curious

Coffee or tea doesn’t seem to bother my sugar but sure keeps me up at night if I drink too much during the day


Thank you

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I do my meds before I eat approximately 30 to 45 minutes

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Lunch meat,tomato juice is very high in sodium. Thats 2 things that could of spiked your sugar.

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I’ve noticed that my sugar is running higher starting last week.
200 was my latest number. I’ve increased my Tresiba to 80 units. In hopes that will bring it numbers down.

You have to watch buying creamers even almond milk ones. They have sugar in them. I use unsweet cooking almond milk blend for my coffee.

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Sorry not cooking almond milk. Unsweet coconut almond milk

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Use Splenda r sweet n low

Thank you for sharing. I think I will try
I got the cast iron skillet 😉

I understood

Read the package to see if it is high in sugar. Try taking vitamin b1 and no carbs if you can.

Try Pinterest it has a lot of recipes on it