Substance abuse

Needing advice or jus someone to talk to

You okay

Hello hru

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No im not

Whats going on here if you need an ear or two

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Not real good rn

Im an addict and cant seem to stop

Whats wrong

Can i ask to what and why you dont believe that you cant stop

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Im an addict and cant seem to stop

Well i take that back i quit for 3 years and started back again if its not meth its pills.

*hope i can say that on here if not please delete


Do u have positive around u

Whats that

It takes time do u have things u like todo to help keep ur mind off it

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I am sorry to hear that but you know what i believe in you and that you can stop and get better just take it one day at a time and one step at a time. Nit easy but you are able to do this i believe in you all the way. Dont give up hope.


Do you want to go to a rehab

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Ive already been there. Got better stuff there then i did outside if there


I did when my kid was wrestling all the time

They with u now

Yes he is, in his room