Hi all I am diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and BPD and this whole virus thing has me out of whack. It’s hard for me to remember to take my meds even when I set reminders I tend to forget anyway I’ve been doing better with that the last two days I guess but everything is just so hard. I also feel strangely. As if my emotions visually are tied to an animal. It’s hard to explain. So if something has me curious or happy in my head I picture I’d have a wolf tail of sorts. Wagging ever so slightly or if I’m feeling laid back I feel more feline inclined. I know it’s not normal or weird. I remember having such things as a kid where I would pretend I was an animal in my head but apparently this is something that has resurfaced

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The virus has a lot of us out of whack, it’s a scary thing. Fear has a lot of effects on people. I find myself wanting to lash out more and more. I haven’t yet, and I am working hard to keep from doing it.

Is there anyone else in your life that you can share your med situation with? My mother and my wife have both stepped up to help me maintain my medication.

Actually, the care app has the ability for you to share your med details with someone else, and they would also get a reminder on their phone. I used to do that with my mother’s medications as well.

Even if you have someone that’s not in the same house as you are, they could call or text. As a bonus, you’d get a call or a text from someone you might like to hear from.

My wife and mother have said that they want to help me with my meds, because I am a much easier person to deal with when I am on my medication. My wife says “I love you no matter what, but it’s easier to love you when you take your meds.”

I also have a pill minder box that has a spot for AM and PM for each day. It’s not perfect since I take meds 4 times a day, but it’s helpful as well. That might be something to look into as well.

I hope you are able to get your med schedule straightened out.

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That is so helpful I did not know you could share with someone! My husband would definately want in on that. Thank you so much for your advice!

I just checked to see where it is in the app. From the home page, click on “profile”. Atvthe bottom of that page, click on “profile sharing”. After that you can add a person to share it with, and possibly what to share with them.

I agree I am Bipolar 1 manic depressive etc etc. My anxiety was through the roof never have I felt so stupid for my feelings and I remembered what my therapists said if you cant control it or doesn’t pertain just to you push it aside. So I started thinking of it that way and felt much better.

L. Kham Cummings

With BPD, my therapist has told me that my feelings might not always make sense to me. There may be no “reason” for them, but they are still valid. They are valid simply because I am feeling them.

I have been learning to accept my feelings for what they are, feelings.

While I can’t completely control my feelings, I can have an impact on them with substantial frequency.

Positive or negative impact on those feelings is completely up to me. I can decide how to impact a feeling that I didn’t decide to have in the first place. It’s very empowering to know that I can have at least a little bit of control with my emotions.