Stroke veteran

Hello everyone! My stroke was 14 years ago and actually mine was an after effect of a ruptured brain aneurysm. Yeah, I survived all that! 😊

My stroke was 10 yeas ago, this June 29. I was very blessed to have serviced, as I have been told, but also bless to hav recovered as well as I have. It is believed my stroke was caused by a blood clot following shoulder surgery. Doctors believe the clot passed through a hole I my heart, I need we even knew I had. This hole, they call A PFO, which is a hole everyone is born with, but as you grow it closes, well mine ,ever did. Didn’t find this out until a special test was done after the stroke. Any way, I now have a minor speech impediment, slight weakness on my left side, continue to have migraines, which I take shots for, depression, and memory problems. As for the depression and anxiety I have just gotten an emotional support animal, very cute pup. At the beginning of my post I said I am blessed, because I have a very dear friend much younger than me, who also had a stroke and he lives with lots more difficulties than I.