Stroke unrecognized for 5 years

I had a stroke in 2013, it effected speach & cognative functions. I knew something had happened but my own common sense was severely damaged & I knew it. For those 5 years I was told by family & Drs alike it was all in my head.
It was, I have an Angeoma poin my left frontal lobe. I have no idea how long it’s been there.
I’ve recovered pretty well & am truly happy now. I am truly greatful to had a neurologist finally take me seriously & look. Now that I understand the real reason i felt so stupid during that time. I can go forward now.
I am greatful too that I’m back with my husband of 37 years as this kind of thing can destroy marriages.
I hope the best for all of you, we may not recover fully but we can have a better life with treatment ❤


I am relieved to read this. Week before Christmas 2018 I was feeling sick and I spent the day on the sofa sleeping. I woke up and knew something was very wrong. I don’t know why but I decided to take my blood pressure something I never do. I just felt really strange and fearful. When I took my blood pressure I discovered it was through the roof and I called the nurse helpline. We were on the phone for a good 45 minutes had she asked me many questions and told me that I needed to have someone take me to the emergency room which I did. During the time I was there they asked me many questions they did blood work, x-rays, a CAT scan. They gave me 4 baby aspirin and put me on IV fluids. They checked my blood pressure constantly and put me on medication to bring my blood pressure down and to regulate my heartbeat. The bottom line the doctor came and told me that they see where I had had a stroke in the past and that I was having an episode but received help and the quickest possible time. I’ve left out a lot of silly little details and things that took place over the course of the next couple of weeks. I am now on a pill to regulate my heartbeat a pill for high blood pressure a pill for cholesterol and many other medications 4 other problems. My dilemma is when they told me I had to stroke it really frightened me and what I really didn’t understand is how I could have had a stroke and not know it and not have it ever come up prior to now and no explanation as to what caused it or what damage if any occurred and what are the next steps. There was conversation about my history of depression and bipolar illness and symptoms I have been experiencing. According to what they are saying some of these symptoms I’m more than likely the result of the stroke. Examples are forgetfulness that is not normal such as not remembering my son’s wedding or even if he was married and then realizing later that I had actually gone to the wedding. Feelings of lightheadedness dizziness a sort of drunk feeling. Losing my balance and falling a lot. Total fatigue and lack of interest in anything I normally enjoy doing. I feel like I am completely stuck and can’t move forward with even simple things like preparing a meal for myself, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, or even showering. I want to do these things I tell myself I’m going to do them and I end up either sleeping the entire day or just watching TV to pass the time. I live alone but do you have for little dogs and a cat that are my family. I have no family other than my four children who all live out of state and I rarely get to see them or even hear from them. So I guess what I am saying is I still do not understand what was going on when I had the episode before Christmas. I don’t seem to be able to get a direct answer. The doctor seemed to act like oh well you had a stroke we clearly see that and moving right along. No explanation as to what took place other than my blood pressure was extremely high and what’s not lowering as it should have. Since then I have been checked and even with all the medications my blood pressure is still somewhat high. I have felt somewhat stupid feeling that something major has happened when the doctors seem to act like just another day in a life. I am not diabetic I do not have high cholesterol I have never had high blood pressure before I quit smoking 10 years ago. I do have COPD and I am morbidly obese. But so far there has been no sign of any heart problems or heart damage, kidneys are fine. I now realize I have been rambling on I guess I and just hoping someone would be able to give me a little insight.

I had a hemorrhagic Pontine stroke due to lack of oxygen from sleep apnea. Do you have sleep apnea?

May God bless and keep you from now on

If my doctor wouldn’t listen to me I’d change. Doctors. Then I’d look for a Nourolagist.