Stroke patients

My wife and IHSS Recipient had a stroke about 4 years ago and I have been taking care of her ever since. She had a hemorrhagic stroke on the right side of her brain due to high blood pressure. The doctors and physical therapy are a blessing but whenever she seems to get better she has a “setback” and the progress starts over. I hope one day that she gets better, but can only take it one day at a time. Just thought I’d try and put out a message to see if anyone else has had similar experiences.


What does IHSS stand for?


In Home Supportive Services, basically at home care for elderly or disabled people in need of support and home care

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Ah…i see. Like visiting nurses here. Nurses and/or caseworkers stop in for med checks, health checks and therapies.
I had 2 strokes about 10 years ago. My strokes affected my speech (resolved for the most part). My balance (better, but still quite tippy) and memory. Takes a lot of repetition to remember something.
Prayers for you and your wife.


My mom had a stroke 15 years ago. She was paralyzed on her whole left side. She came home after 6 weeks of therapy in a wheelchair. My brother and sisters and I took care of her 24/7. She did improve alot but has always had problems. Now she is 93 and lives in pain. She also has dementia which is hard also. My brother had to move back to Florida and my oldest sister has passed away. So it’s harder now than ever but her health is very good. One day she might have to go to the nursing home but we are trying not to do that. Just try to keep your happy and ask everyone for help.


I read some of these story to my husband who has had a stroke on his right side. Just to let him understand that there are people out there that are way worse then he is. Every now and then he likes to have a pity party and I refuse to allow that. He has balance problem and moving that right foot but he walks with a walker pretty good. By him being a fall risk I make sure I keep a gate belt on him. Thing are getting better for me and I’m not as stress as I was in the beginning. Stay prayed up and know if you work at your problems they will get better.


Working on my 4th year of recovery from 2 brain stem strokes. Gain some independents but still physically disabled. Wondering if there’s any freehealth benefits or any type of home health care that’s available to me for assistance.
Right side as well as some lost of vision on the right side of my body. Independent but thing or very difficult maintain every day life needs.
Advice or direction needed concerning any type of benefits or some type of home help?


Reply to Clifton, if you are on disability (SSI) you can get IHSS caregiver provider to help out at home. Once you are approved they will come to your house to do an assessment on how much help you need which will determine the amount of hours per day they will be there.

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Thank you very, very much!
I’m basically own my own to figure out how the system works!
Old dude don’t get around & mind not like it use to be!
I really appreciate the advice 👍!


Talk with your doctor about hemp oil for her pain. It is natural and can help.

Check with Medicaid,they have care givers. I live in FLA. We’re are you.

Honestly, when someone tells me that other people suffer more than I do, I feel as if my pain is belittled. Caregiving is difficult but we are all different as is our pain and disability. Pain does make us difficult to handle and, perhaps, respite care could help.

My husband ‘s stroke was over 4 yrs ago. The major one also had one again last yr. He continues to decline.He has been through several rehabs. Initially he was improving but not now .

Hang in there! At the age of 49 I had a stroke, believe it or not while I was undergoing a Nother medical procedure. Thank goodness I was already in the operating room. It’s been five years now and I still improve each day. I still have my challenges, but I can’t give up. The largest challenge I have come up with recently is neurological problems. Initially everyone told me that whatever I get back in the first two years would pretty much be all I was going to get back. Not one person mentioned the neurological problems that I would face. Now my knee hyperextends with every step but it’s neurological as is my left arm and Finger is not working well. I am having surgery late September to straighten my toes because they curl. Once again this is because of neurological issues. I just wish someone had told me that in the beginning.Now I have to figure out how to get past the neurological problems.

I had that same stroke as she did and I feel for you! They called it Cerebral Palsy because I was under 3yrs and I’m now 37. There’s not much research for post stroke 37 years later just children’s hospital up to 18 other then to help me. I hope you get all you need. I think we’re just tired!

Chad .Continue to be strong.lwas taking care of my husband for thelast 10 years. E experienced a massive stroke due to AFiband every tne he show som improvements: ther come sow set back.Last year he had the flue , turned into pneumonia, then got septic. He spent 1monthICU:3week on lsolation Wardin the hospital. I also contracted the flu got complicated then the medication thew me into a warp of allergic reactions. I finally ended up having a stroke and hospitalized for 2 monhs +2months in a Nursing home.ln had to place my husband in a Nursing home and l am fortunate andblessed to report that he is being well cared for .
A few months ago he ended up back in ICU with pneumonia: both lungs full of fluid and only 30% of his heart functioningand non-responsive to antibiotic therapy. Had to place him under the care of Hospice .Today l can report that he is now doing fine and hospic has discharged him.So keep the faith and pray. . Mountains in our lives can be moved or shifted in our favor. Blessings everyone.