Stroke/Infarct to the spinal cord

My stroke left me paralyzed from my waist down. Although I have no feelings below I do have sensations that are very, very unpleasant, uncomfortable and irritating.
My stroke occurred October 2017, so this is still all kind of new to me. I’m not new to health problems, I’ve had several open heart surgeries, beginning with my aorta dissecting right down to my leg due to a severe car accident that occurred in ‘93. From there it’s been one thing after another. I must add I’ve had 4 heart valve replacements the last one being tended to March ‘18. Even after that I’ve had 2 ablation due to a tremendous amount of SVT’s.
I’m looking for help or someone who can tell me more about these sensations that I’m experiencing in my feet and bottom area. These sensations are not visible to the human eye even though I still look down at my feet to see if they are moving but they are not. I must add before the stroke I was on opioids (high doses) due to chronic pain, (RSDS/CRPS) in my legs and feet area. Now I no longer take those opioids, I just suffer through the painful sensations.
I’m blessed with a loving wife, who now in addition to a number of positive titles has taken on ‘caregiver’. And she is very good, very good. But, like I have gone through depression she has her moments too. I’ve had some wonderful doctors, nurse, therapist that has helped us over the years, however, I’m still in need of help
Any feedback or suggestions would be helpful

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But you are alive today to give your Testimony of everything that has happened to you, now and the past, that makes you think, because without God and Jesus Christ you would be dead and that my friend is permanent.

I to have a Testimonial of my self of everything God and Jesus Christ saved me from, I won’t give you all the information, but without God’s grace and mercy I wouldn’t be here today, to read this,all I can say is I was dead and now I’m alive today.
Amen Hallelujah 🙌 🙏

I couldn’t agree more. I’m grateful. 👍

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