Stamp community entries with calendar date

So you’ve had a thought about something that you wrote in your journal some months ago and also commented on in the community. You’ve found the comment and you want to see just what you wrote in the journal. What was the date “123 days ago”?

Really, what’s the point of time stamps in terms of age instead of calendar date? I could care less if a community post was made 100 days ago or 90, but if I remember that I was on vacation in Bermuda on August 18, a Sunday, and working at the office on August 28, a Wednesday, that could make a huge difference in what I took on that day and when I took it…and that’s before I find the journal entry.


I agree with you

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I don’t understand the reasoning behind this. I know what I have taken and when I have taken it. Maybe my lack of understanding is because I don’t have the need to keep a journal.

People with only a few meds or a good sense of organization may have no such problem. But when my therapist of thirteen years was about to retire, she said I had the most serious case of adult Attention Deficit Disorder she had ever encountered. I have 12 kinds of pill that I call my breakfast pills, because I take them all about breakfast time-- well, that’s the idea; sometimes I don’t get to them till 1pm. Then there are other meds I take at other times of day, and sometimes-- rather often, in fact-- I forget them, or put some of them off and don’t remember till it’s too late in the day for them. I try to note such divergences in my journal, because the app’s default behavior when you check off a med in the schedule does not note the actual time taken. There’s a way to do that, I understand, but it’s more complex and must be done for each dose individually, so I would lose the convenience of scheduling my breakfast pills as groups: nominally to be taken at 9:30 and 9:35 respectively, and being able to check off 5 at a time and 7 at a time. (The reason for two groups instead of one is valid but complex and not worth going into here.)

And many people have written of their need to correlate symptoms with meds taken: a migraine that strikes shortly after a particular med is taken, for example. To discover such patterns in the app, you have to have a way of comparing the time of taking a med with the time the symptom appears, and to document a consistent pattern you may need to search back through several months or even years of data-- often including community posts-- comparing date and time of dose (for most people, recorded in the med sked) with the date and time of symptom onset.

THAT’S the kind of situation I was referring to. I hope I’ve made it clear, and with it the desirability of time-stamping the posts.

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Oh… I just realized that I was saying journal entries when I meant community posts. I am sorry for the confusion that most have caused!

Thank you for answering me. I understand your explanation.

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I’m glad and relieved. I tried to make the explanation clear, and I felt so dumb-- well, silly anyway-- when I realized my mistake.

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