Spine Surgery & Pain

I wanted to start a topic conversation I’m personally going through, but also a topic others are dealing with too.
I had surgery in September 2017 for 2 reasons: I had a disc fusion done and the surgeon found that on my scan it showed I had a birth defect that resulted the bottom of my spine was not connected. The front and back weren’t connected. It was a dangerous surgery because the surgeon had to get a cage put in to connect front to back. It was delicate. If he made a mistake I could be paralyzed or even die. All turned out okay and he found another birth defect while in there, I had 2 nerves that grew together. If he hadn’t taken the extra time and looked closer he would have cut the nerves and I would be paralyzed. My surgeon is amazing, his name is Dr. Myles. Now if I haven’t bored you I would like to hear from you about your surgery, the hurdles or trouble since and any pain issues. I know I have pain, but doctors don’t want anyone on Opioids so in a short time my doctor will have me off them…which is all I have found to help the pain go away. Any other ideas?


Hello, i had a spinal fusion done in December, and i also have a birth defect that the bottom of my spine was not connected. However I took more Robaxin 500mg 3 times a day. It helped me out alot. It doesnt make you drowsy, because i was very nervous abou that. Heat, Ice and CBD cream, and Voltaren Gel. I hope everything works well. Also sleep with pillows in between your legs and behind you as well.


Chronic pain is difficult to live with as your entire system is constantly being fired by nerves. I find it difficult to maintain any new items I want to learn. Plus I’m more prone to catching colds, etc, let alone the issues being on pain meds raise. Hope your pain management doc and different modalities make your life more tolerable. Aloha!


I’m Mary I’ve had chronic pain for 25+ years. I have found that most doctors don’t have a clue about how to control pain. Opiates, neuroleptics (used for nerve pain) anti inflammatory (for achy, bone pain). Doctors lack of knowledge added into our governments craziness over opioid abuse leaves us pain sufferers out in the cold. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been treated like I’m drug seeking just because my pain was not controlled. Hell Yeah I’m seeking adequate pain control so I can live my life. I want to work full time, go home with enough energy to spend time with my family. I want to play with my grandchildren.


After 3 spine surgeries, am still dealing with pain. Is there anything else other than drugs?

So sorry your surgeries have left you with chronic pain. There are other options- first and foremost having a good pain management team. I’ve got a spinal cord stimulator implant but am still in pain medication as well as other meds. Sometimes injections can help but that is what you and your pain doc need to discover. Good luck! Aloha!

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