Spinal stimulator chronic pain

Recently had the generator moved to a different location due to it was previously sitting on the damaged nerve. Now, I just have to learn how to do the adjustments. Open to any suggestions. I want to be without pain and start walking.


I have a Spinal Cord Stimulator and suggest you call the device manufacturer to learn what you need to know. Mine has onsite representatives in our community who will meet and teach you as I use those resources when needed.

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Next step with pain management, does it help? Thanks

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In a word, Yes. Depending upon your condition the Spinal Cord Stimulator will work to different levels. Luckily the technology with the Stimulator and technicians who work for the device manufacturer can continually adjust the settings from a Laptop through your skin connected with a magnet. How it works is way above my knowledge level.

I had mine inserted in November 2017 and to this day I can tell when I turn the computer off inside me instantly. They have a remote control that you can either set to predetermined programs created specifically for you. You can also override them to increase or decrease the amount of power that will help control your pain levels.

Dr, Metzger implanted mine and his staff along with the device technicians are awesome. Without my Stimulator I can’t imagine the pain that I would be forced to live with. It is already terrible as my Sciatica has shifted out of place. Unfortunately the device doesn’t connect that far down. I have 3 Discs that are bad which the device helps.

You will get relief pretty quickly but it will take a few months to get it tweaked to find its maximum potential.

I also want to say that I went from being on five RX’s down to one with the Stimulator so it definitely helps which is why I try to encourage people who suffer finding no other relief to try it.

Best wishes and reach out anytime as my email address is scottkemp5525@gmail.com.


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Thanks Scott. Having nerves clipped in morning, stimulator in August. Thanks for the info.