Spinal Cord Stimulator


Had my Stim placed permanently yesterday. I was ready for this surgery. I knew that the pain was going to be intense but man oh man this pain is wickedly terrible. The worst pain is where the battery is implanted at. Its right beneath a muscle which that muscle is angry at me right now and I completely understand. This pain is even worse then my back surgery pain. I will overcome this all with the grace of God.


Well my 💗 and prayers are with U in this long journey, and I know it feels like a never ending battle but we now are different than everyone else and the doctors have no idea what we are going thru they just tell us what they have learned in the books. Most of the Neurosurgeon’s have a horrible bed side manor so if U find a surgeon who has compassion then I would make sure U hang onto that Dr. Because that I think its were everything starts.


My doctor is amazing. I absolutely trust him with every ounce of my life. We have been through so much together. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor. Thank you for all the kind words.


Dear Anne…I don’t know what a stim is it I had back surgery in 17…I just started to feel better last year Then I fell on the ice 3 times. My left leg was the bad one after surgery never as strong as the right.
I’m sorry your in so much pain…I wish they gave painkillers out that worked. Do you have any pain killers? How long is this suppose to go on for before your healed? What did you get this implant for?


I totally understand what you are talking about except I had the pain pump placed as well as back surgery where I’m fused 1/2 way up my back with C-clamps n screws the 1/2 way up my back!!
No one knows what we are talking about unless they’ve went threw the same thing as we have. I’ve had 2 pumps now and in 1 1/2 yr. They will out in a new pump. You are in my prayers.


It’s a Spinal Cord Stimulator almost like a TEN’s unit that physical therapists use except its implanted right next to the spinal cord. It worked amazingly for me during the trial. It’ll take me 10 weeks to heal completely but the surgical pain should subside in a couple of day’s. Thank you for all the kind words. I’m so sorry for everything you are enduring. I will have you in my prayers of healing and peace.


Stay strong my dear. We have to stick together. Only we who suffer from chronic pain really know what the other is enduring. I will keep you in my prayers. I researched pain pumps but decided on the BurstDr NeuroStimulator. It took me a year and a half of researching ti finally trial and sign up for the permanent. I consulted with a OrthoSpine and 2 NeuroSurgeons and decided to wait for my Pain Management Specialist to place mine. Best decision I’ve ever made. I pray we all find strength and healing through our heavenly Father.


This was meant to go to @ALiesse I’m sorry it posted under you. Much love.


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I’m appreciative of all your support and kind words. 💜💙🧡💚


Hugs and prayers for a quick recovery and good pain relief


Thank you


I know chronic back pain and chronic pain from other issues.
I agree, people not dealing with it will never fully understand. I appreciate the people who at least try to.


Chronic pain sucks and sucks the life right out of you. I pray for relief for you my dear.


Sad but true. But you’ve got the eternal wallop at hand. To God be the glory.


Wow, I am 14 months post-op spinal stimulator (Boston Scientific brand). I consider it to be overall successful as far as notching down a very specific area of pain of a specific type. Follow-up has been not so stellar. Such is conducted at my/patient/client/recipient request by a non-md/apn, etc. sales & technology representative of Boston Scientific.
Whether they are pre-op, post-op, or follow-up, I bet there are many who would benefit from a dialog between the two of us about our Spine Stim experience!
I would have liked to know many things in advance to inform my decision. That level of first person, personal experience was unavailable, or so it seemed, when I made my decision. My trial was less than 36 hours, as well.


My trial was 7 days and I trialed the St. Jude BurstDr. I did my research for almost a year and a half before i committed to anything. The pain of the permanent has had its ups and downs. Thursday is a blur, yesterday the pain wasn’t so bad and today I want to kick everyone until they feel the pain I do (I know that’s not fair to my loved ones). I have my first follow up on Tuesday and then another on Friday. My doctor is so amazing I couldn’t ask for a better one. We have literally been to hell and back with one another and he has not left my side. I pray things start looking up for you. I pray we all find relief from this horrific chronic pain.


Thank you.
Thankfully I have found prescription strength naproxen (500mg) 2X a day helps. I also take 4 extra strength acetaminophen in the morning for an extra boost to start the day. Have generic acetaminophen 3 I take before bed along with 2 extra strength acetaminophen and the 500 mg naproxen. Generally once I’m asleep I stay that way. I also take 5mg of melatonin before bed also.
Fibromyalgia, scoliosis and carpal tunnel are the biggest culprits in the chronic pain arena.
Praying for you and your struggles. As they say, “The struggle is real!”.


I agree, it does suck the life out of you.
Prayers, prayers and more prayers for everyone suffering out there!


I also have FM and carpal tunnel in both hands (recently diagnosed). I’m waiting to have a sleep study done. Already went through the Ambulatory EEG and failed. Life is good though because Papa keeps me here on earth. I pray you find healing and strength in our Father God. Thank you for the kind words.