SOS alert system

I’m looking for a low cost system that I can call or text and it’ll notify my wife I need help and she knows to call me.
She works 3rd shift so she sleeps during the day and shuts her phone off do she’s not disturbed
That’s fine and dandy but today I ended up in the ER and she didn’t find out until 4 hours later.
It’s not something that will get used much, just in the occasional emergency so I don’t want some fancy dancy thing with a big monthly fee, one number for me to call, it wakes my wife, she calls me and she handles the rest

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I will be following this. I have a service through the VA that only brings first responders to my location. If I do find something along the lines that you have laid out here I will let you know.

As if so far all I found are pagers but none seem to have good service in my area and $12 a month

We use a wireless doorbell that my daughter ordered. Since there are two of us, we can transfer the buzzer/receiver to whoever is on duty and all Mom has to do is push a button.

Wireless doorbell is at

Some phones have a way to put numbers in that will bypass do not Disturb those numbers the will go through even if do not disturb is his on. The other option on it Is if any phone calls 5 times in 15 minutes the call will go through on the 5th or 6th call.

I don’t know if all phones have this option but mine does and you can do it under the do not disturb 0ption.

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