Sort community messages newest to oldest


How about putting the newest messages on the top of the list and the oldest one at the end of it? It would make it a lot easier not to have to scroll through 44 messages to get to the most current ones on the list so I can answer. I’m sure it would make everyone else’s life easier too.😎


I agree with you what they should do is after a message is read delete the damn thing for us


a lot of the times I miss the messages because I have to Fumble through 40 old messages


But I don’t always get into the message board every day. But yes, they should probably be deleting old messages after a certain amount of time.


That’s a great idea—thanks for sharing it here! We definitely understand how placing the newest posts at the top of a topic will make it a lot easier to stay updated on new replies. (Not to mention, save you a LOT of time scrolling!)

I’m happy to share that we’re currently working on ways to improve this for everyone, so please stay tuned! I’ll share any updates here in the future.

Thank you for supporting the community and helping us grow!

Take care,

Community Manager


Good idea…I have wondered why they put them at the end and waste time…


Yes please


Make the unread messages bold & when they have read they become un-bold.


Yes! Please make a way to clear the notification messages. I have read them. All of them. Several times. I get notices for unread notifications constantly, go through all the notifications over and over and still it says unread. Clear them out please. Please make a way we can trash the notifications.


I like that idea too. That would help make the site better and make it more easy to navigate.


sorry for the profanity in there but it is aggravating having to read the same messages over and over


So this particular message is inappropriate believe me I’ve heard a lot of other things on this site that was a lot worse than what I had said so I’ll just take that as a warning and I’ll cancel everything to do with you I’ll take me my foul mouth and my business elsewhere goodbye


wow that’s unusual for me to send a message and you won’t Post-it


Hi @Kem18436572—I apologize for any concerns or confusion. I’d love to help.

If a post was flagged because it contains language that may be offensive to others, you will always have the chance to edit the post shortly after you receive the notice.

Kind and supportive words are always appreciated in the community, as they help make sure it remains a positive place for everyone (and is safe for our younger member’s eyes too)! :)

I do see that your previous flagged posts were removed, but your recent posts are showing up here. If you’re still having issues seeing them or have any questions, I’ll be here to help.

Thank you for your support!

Community Manager


Okay I get the message delete it