Social Security Disability

I am on my 2nd appeal to get my Social Security Disability for the chronic migraines. I have suffered from debilitating migraines since I was 12. I am now 36. I was told that they are not bad enough and I can still work. I can barely look at my screen to type this. How am I supposed to try to work when I am sleeping upwards of 19 hours a day when I take my abortive meds… This sucks. I have a lawyer and they can’t seem to figure this out. I am so frustrated.

Any ideas?
PS: I am in Arizona


Well first off you need realy good documentation from your doctors. Are you seeing a neurologist for them? They are usually the best at documenting your medical needs. And maybe look into a different lawyer.


I am sorry for what you are going through. I used to work for Social Service in the Colorado DDS. I just got approved for SSDI and SSI. I applied in May 2018 and I had a lawyer in Dec 2018 after being denied twice. I have more health issues (Migraines, Cancer, Diabetes and more) than both my parents ever had and 15-20 earlier and I take about 25 meds a day and I am 57 now. Since you have a lawyer you should get approved now. I get the sleep issues to about 14 hours depends on the day. Once my Dr finished the form for me that I could no longer work and it would be a danger to myself and my employer I got approved. Do you have a scheduled meeting with judge to hear the case yet? Has your Dr updated your paperwork to show you can’t work? My lawyer sent about 1700+ pages to SSA. I couldn’t work since May 2018 so no income and my brother helped me as I live in his house while he is gone. I have Medicaid, food, prescriptions, and cash assistance. Once you get approved everything goes quickly. Once the SSA or judge approves it will be a week about to get your approval letter, then a few business days to get the SSA to go over your case and how much you’ll get paid each month and the back pay from when you first applied. About a week you’ll receive a one time sum from SSI. You won’t get a lump sum but paid monthly for up to 6 months monthly for any back pay. You’ll get SSDI the next month and one month behind ( March gets paid in April and so on). So once they approve you you’ll get money very fast all in a few weeks if not sooner. Each state varies I am in Colorado.

I am sure your lawyer told you all this so I am sorry if I said things you already know. Since the Covid-19 you’ll have a video conference with your lawyer and the judge. Be patient I know it is hard but you are not alone. I know that doesn’t help but you’ll make it.



Be sure to keep a daily log. And mark down every little way it interferes with your life. Start with how it keeps you from sleeping due to pain, how meds cause you to sleep 19 hours, inability to see due to aura, etc.


Tell them you are depressed all the time, that’s how my husba d did and they have him Social Security Disability took 1 2/2 to get it, ran from one of there doctor’s to another until they finally have ot to him.

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That’s what I do

It took me 3 yrs to get approval for SSI. By the time I was approved I no longer had enough work credits for SSDI. So don’t give up. Keep a log of everything that affects you.

Good morning. You might want to check with your Dr to see about getting the nerves on each side of your neck burned. My headaches used to be really bad. I got the nerves on both sides of my neck burned and guess what? No headaches for a yr. Some times longer.

If a lawyer took your case, that’s a good thing. They only take the cases they think they can win. That’s how they get paid. Do you have a Dr that you like and trust? Go to them if they know about your migraines and tell them you’re applying for SSD. Ask if they will write a letter for you. I’m 51yrs I’ve been on SSD for 24yrs. I had a Dr that really helped . I had applyed 2yrs before and was denied. I had someone tell me to retry and they had to pay me from the 1st time I filed. I got denied the 2nd time and then I got a lawyer.

I have suffered with migraines since a very early age causing tempary blindness, nausea, stomach cramping, ect. A little over 2 years ago my doctor suggested getting Botox injections. I get 21 shots on my head and neck every 6 weeks. Migraines have been reduced from weekly to 1-2 per month and those are controlled by rescue medications. I highly recommend getting the shots. 21 pokes with a needle every 6 weeks is better than the migraines & my insurance covers the whole cost

Jenjen2320 I was reading your post. One question do you have anything else wrong with you beside the migraines. I also live in Arizona and it is the worst state for getting social security disability. The doctors here are not the best you really have to look for them by doing your research and that also goes for the lawyers. One thing your age is against you. I had this fight when I was 40 and I fought this battle for over 3 years. I won my case but it was not easy. Do like they subjects write everything down date, times and actually what happens. My condition improve when I stopped taken Allman their crazy drugs. I wish you the best in your fight and always listen to every word they say and if you don’t understand ask questions. Lolasweetpea

I’m like you all with the migraines nearly everyday. Iv had headaches as long as I can remember But thy got really bad and almost every day. I have had these migraines almost everyday for probably 20 yrs at least , plus fighting depression,also Hypothyroidism, then told I have Fibromyalgia, also panic/ anxiety attacks. Once my Dr said something about Chronic Fatigue also said I might have mild narcolepsy. Hes tried me on everything ,ran tests,scans. He eventually sent me to a neurologist. She tried a few meds but didn’t do any tests
When I was diagnosed with depression and seeing a Counselor who sent me to a a Doctor who diagnoses for depression, she made me do a written test about me and how I felt and acted about people and things, she diagnosed me with Clinical depression and something else. So then my Counselor sent me to a different Psychiatrist after sending me to the first one and I told her what happened, my husband was in the room with me when the Dr got mad. She wanted me to try another Dr for medication. Each time my husband had to take off from work to take me. I was so knocked out all the time. I changed from the Psychiatrist to a different one because the first one had a bad attitude. He actually got mad when he suggested I go into the hospital for depression, when I told him that I had heard horrible things about those hospitals and was afraid to go. That was the last time I went to him.
My husband checked on me getting on disability or something to help with the costs but they told him I wouldn’t qualify because we owned to much and Ididnt have enough work points. They didnt go on his earnings ,I had to stop working. And stopped driving because I and my kids were nearly in a accident. Iv missed out on so much with my kids,husband parents who just recently passed away both within a year and half of each other. I’m still mourning both of them and the time lost with them our kids are grown and married and have their own kids,so now I’m missing out on time with them. My doctor wanted me to try the once month shots but our insurance wouldnt approve it and it’s very expensive. I just turned 59. I feel like Iv lost half my life to migraines, and depression. etc. Its almost cost me my marriage, the missing out and not having enough energy. My husband doesn’t understand why I’m depressed, I don’t understand it either but I am.
I still try to go to counseling but with these migraines I dont make it much. Thank be to God for her, shes more understanding than most would be. She told me if I have a very bad migraine to just call early so she can rearrange her schedule. That way I dont have to pay for visits that I v had to cancel.
Someone suggested that we try again especially with my husband getting up in his years too. If something happened to him I wouldn’t have any insurance. I know of a few people that have so much going on with their health, even my mother had to fight to get disability. And was still fighting for it when she passed . My father never was able to get it and neither of them could afford a lawyer. So Iv been afraid to even try. I have anxiety attacks about leaving the house.
Someone said that the people over disability send you to their Doctors who determine if your disabled or not. I don’t know if this is true, if anyone knows please let m know. I live in TN. I don’t know what the rules are with getting it, but I do know that there are some people who has never worked and get it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated…
I pray that you all feel better and stay healthy and safe.
God bless you all.

I have them to so i know what you’re going through i get botox for mine i also see a headache specialist and i see a nephrologist as well

Just in case there is any muscle tension triggered type of migraine happening there are 2 things I would highly recommend:

  1. Diclofenac Gel. It’s prescription. I don’t know how my it would cost you (it shouldn’t be too much because it’s generic), but it’s definitely worth it. And don’t go by the dosage card they have in the box! That’s enough to take a bath in! Just a small dot on your finger will cover a larger area than you would imagine and you can always apply more.

  2. If you can’t get a prescription for the Diclofenac Gel or you can’t afford it, try the line of Salon Pas products. They have both a lidocaine gel and a pain relief gel that work really good and they have large lidocaine patches, pain relief patches as well as a pain patch with menthol. They are on the expensive side, but if you’re going to try one, my personal preference is the one with menthol. They also have smaller patches (about 2”x4”) that are very affordable. You can get them at CVS, Walgreens, WalMart. At COSTCO or Sam’s Club you can get a box of 40 patches for between $10-15.00.

Good luck Stat safe.