Snooze or repeat med reminders until taken

i would like to see reminders repeated a couple times, maybe 5 minutes apart. I love the Carezone app but am not using it because the reminders don’t repeat. The app i AM using repeats them three times at 8 minute intervals. People may be busy when they get their reminder and can’t take their meds right then but forget since they are reminded just once. This would be so helpful…


This would be great! I’m always forgetting when my alarm goes off and I’m in the middle of something.


That’s the same problem I have!


I can’t figure out how to get my need notifications to make a sound on my android phone.


Here’s how I arrange the CareZone notification sounds on my Android. (It’s a Verizon Galaxy S-6.) This is a long list, but there’s no way to customize a complex system without a lot of actions. You may want to print out this message before starting. Good luck!

  1. Drag your fingertip down from the very top of the screen to bring up a set of icons for quick access to various features of the phone.

  2. At the top of the screen near the right, there’s an icon of a gear with 6 teeth. Tap it. This will bring up a long page titled SETTINGS.

  3. The SETTINGS page has several sections. The first one is headed WIRELESS AND NETWORKS, and the second one is PHONE. The second item under PHONE is Notifications. Tap that.

  4. NOTIFICATIONS is headed "select which apps you want to receive notifications from. Then there’s a switch for “All apps”, and just below that the apps are listed in alphabetical order. Scroll down to CareZone.

  5. At the right of each app is a switch to turn notifications for that app on or off; it looks like a round button you can slide left or right. I keep most of mine turned off, with the “button” on the left and no color fill. Tap the button for CareZone. It will slide to the right, and the “sliding space” on its left will turn blue.

  6. At the top right of the screen is a blue text “ADVANCED”. Tap that and another screen, will come up headed “ADVANCED NOTIFICATION SETTINGS”. (This may take longer to load than the basic NOTIFICATIONS screen did.)

  7. Scroll down the list to CareZone and tap it. It will bring up a list of four options.

  8. Turn on “Allow notifications” and “Set as priority”.

  9. Turn “Show silently” off if it isn’t already off.

  10. Tap “On lock screen” to bring up three choices. Tap “show content”.

  11. Press back twice to return to the main SETTINGS screen. Under PHONE, press “Sounds and vibration”.

a. For “Sound mode” choose Sound.
b. Turn on “Vibrate while ringing” if you want that.
c. Under “Volume”, set “Notifications” as high (to the right) as you want.
d. Do the same under “Vibration intensity”.
e. Under “Notification sounds” you can choose from a large set of sounds for “Default notification sound”. This will apply to notifications from most apps, so remember that when choosing.

  1. You may want to set “Sound quality and effects”, under “Advanced” at the foot of the screen. I haven’t used this option, so I can’t advise you on it.

  2. Now you’re done. You can press Back till you’re where you were.


It would be much simpler for the app developer to just have them repeat, like my other app does. I use that on for notifications and this one for the other features. As a mater of fact, most of the other apps do this automatically too or offer the option to repeat your reminder. The developer is aware of this request so hopefully they will include this in an update. Your solution, though lengthy, should help those with androids, in the meantime.😊


Thanks, Ojidanowe, I hope it does.