Sleeps a Beast, How do you Tame it? Would like to start a topic on SLEEP DISORDERS

Hello everyone.
I wanted to start a new topic on SLEEP DISORDERS.
I have a few of these issues listed below and thought it would be a great place to discuss the multiple impacts and importance of not getting good quality or quantity of sleep along with, treatments, employment, cognitive function, issues it has created and ways to cope etc.
REM Movement Disorders.
Sleepwalking and other Acting out Dreams.
Night Terrors, bot just bad dreams but whatever.
Sleep Paralysis.
Periodic Limb Movement.
Restless Legs Syndrome.
Non 24.
Sleep Apnea, Central(CSA) & Obstructive(OSA).
Narcolepsy in its varied forms.
Whatever else keeps you up at night or asleep in the daytime.


I have insomnia and night terrors ( frim my abusive past relationship). The negative effects id say would be being too tired to take care of my daughter. As a single mom its kind of required that i get up and take care of her but some days i dont want to get out of bed. Coffee and red bulls have become part of my daily routine just to be able to function throughout the day.

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I have insomnia it has gotten worst since I work from home. I may sleep 4 hours a night.

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I have insomnia I went to bed finally at 2 this morning and was up at 6 30

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I am 61, and have had difficulty sleeping since I was 18. It was a HUGE problem during the years I worked. Now, being disabled, I seldom have to get up at a certain time. I decided to not worry about how much I slept. Since I stopped fighting the insomnia, it seems to be better. I no longer have to take a xanax at bedtime to turn off my racing thoughts, worry, etc. I also find New Age type music like Enya or Liquid Mind very soothing, and it helps me most nights.

I just fell asleep three times while wring this because I only slept about 3 hours. I am struggling to stay awake so I can sleep tonight. Here’s hoping all of us can get a good night’s sleep!


I have insomnia…3 hrs a night…
Very unhealthy for healing…4 me anyways
I’m down 4 a sleep group!!


To get any decent sleep I usually have to skip a night so I am dead tired the next which hopefully gets me a solid 2-4 hours. Not working so well as I age though.
I appear to have somewhere around a 26 hour clock instead of the normal 24 hr clock. This pushes sleep back a couple of hours a night until you just have to skip sleeping and try to reset the next night. That doesn’t sound so terrible until you realize that is almost 2 resets a week. I have tried just about everything and nothing works. I thought I found a sleep medication that worked well until I found out the pharmacy put the wrong directions on it and I was taking twice the safe limit. It was a pretty good 3 or 4 nights of sleep until my Neurologist called and pulled the plug on my dose.
It would not be so bad except the sleep deprivation just makes me completely unproductive with the persistent and complete physical/mental exhaustion.


Sleep 💤 is a beast for me. I am dependent on Ambien 12.5 ER and have taken it for at least 20 years. Different Dr’s have taken me off several times resulting in hospitalization and weeks in institutions. Recently I accidentally did not take it recently and was awake all night unable to even nap next day.
Anyone out there in the same boat?

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Somewhat similar situation. I have been cycling between a couple of different sleep meds about every 90-180 days to help with the effectiveness

Hi @Eye1again!

Thank you for starting this topic on sleep disorders back in December. I wanted to let you know that we’ve just added a new Sleep community today and have moved your topic to the new category.

We appreciate your support in helping the community and others. I’ll be here if you have any questions or suggestions anytime.

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Which ones work for you?

I’m interested I hav ptsd and it negatively affect my sleep everything from nightmares to pain dreams and back again

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It’s a good idea we could compare notes cans learn what works and what doesn’t. I take a sleeping pill an hour before bedtime and sleep five fours, I try not to eat drink or smoke in that hour I have a cd that walks you through meditation exercises I find it helpful

4 or five hours would be a DREAM come true, I am so jealous

The sleeping pill is temazepam you should ask your doctor to prescribe it for you also topiramate it stops you from dreaming as much