Sleep Tracker Confusing

Any tips on using the sleep tracker? I’m not sure if I should be using the tracker to mark when it’s waking time, or if I begin the entry at the point sleep is resumed.

I think the tracker might be more helpful if it was a start/stop calculation.


The Care Zone sleep tracker does have a start/stop function. All one has to do is select Sleep Tracker; then scroll down to select Record Manually; there will be a clock face with a time marked, just select the time most close (it is in ten minute increments) to your sleep and wake time. The Sleep Tracker will automatically add up your total sleep time that day. It took me a while to figure this out, so don’t feel bad.


I use my Fitbit to get an accurate time.


My thanks for the tips! Off to figure it out.

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Wishing you good luck!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure it out. I’m using iOS, maybe that makes a difference? Ahh well.

Mine does not have manual on it.

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Try using a device like Fitbit. It track me sleep every night and I enter it. It seems acurate.

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Mine doesn’t have this, is there an updated version I’m missing?