Sleep challenges and remedies

As for getting a good night’s sleep, I find it helpful to 1) not have a TV in the bedroom, 2) not eat in the bedroom, and 3) keep the bedroom as dark as possible. Keep the bedroom as a pkace of sleep and quiet: not a dining room or place of entertainment. And get rid of cell phone and radio lights.

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Since gifted my Fitbit, I have set up bed time at 10:00 pm and try 99.9% of the time to get there. My 7:30 am is my goal for rising but usually awake awhile before that. My mind is clearer and I’m a lot more level headed. The face that I joined a chair yoga class 3x week is a plus as I’m no longer sedentary every day.

Light snack 1 hour and stay away from computer screen for at least 45 minutes before going to bed. Get into the habit of reading a nice book while in bed. Do not use computer/laptop/cellphone in bed.

The best way for me to sleep is under my electric blanket with a fan blowing right next to my bed, so my body is warm but I breathe in cool, or cold air. One time I woke up at 2:15, and didn’t understand why until I looked down and saw that my electric blanket had turned off. I turned it back on and fell fast asleep very quickly, which quickly is unusual for me.

I listen to thunderstorms sounds on utube and it helps me fall asleep faster and longer and feel more energy when I wake up the next morning

Breathing like that if you are stressed or panicking is helpful, that’s cool that it helps for sleep. I’ve been doing it for years it’s also called deep breathing or box breathing and has plenty benefits for your overall health

I turn my white lights down or off completely and change my light strip to a red color (like sunset deep red, I have a philips hue light that is really offensive bright light at night and keeps me awake) i turn on something on the tv, an uninteresting show like king of the hill or something relatively quiet. When you have the tv use the sleep timer on the tv menu for an hour or more (the sleep timer leaves the tv on for a set amount of time- usually in minutes: 15, 30, 60,90,120 and after the sleep timer is up then shuts off the power) and to fall asleep nicely just turn down the volume to very low, the tv will be very bright and annoying to fall asleep to-to help this go to the tv menu and change the tv’s color/brightness to low light or dim light.

I have a battery operated candle on my nightstand. It creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and the flickering flame helps me fall asleep quickly.
I found a nice one at Walmart for only $4.

I start listening to calming music while I am taking a shower and I keep playing it until shortly before I go to sleep for the night, I also rub lotion on my body after I get out of the shower that has Lavender and Chamomile In it and it helps to relax me

What i do to sleep is use my CPAP and take my meds that
Helps me sometimes and if
I read or watch biblical video’s.
That helps alot.

Ok some nights I fall straight to sleep but I have some nights I can’t get to sleep at all?? and I’m always tired all day most days even tho I sleep 9+ hours I have been told that I suppose to use a sleep machine but it keep me awake and came down with a horrible cough so stopped that now I can sleep most nights but that one once in awhile I’m awake all night??? I’m 68 and do have a ulcer that bothers me I wake up with it bothering everyone a lot???

I used to have a very difficult time falling asleep. Even if I took sleep aids I still had such a hard time trying to fall asleep. Fortunately someone told me about “guided sleep meditation hypnosis”. I found numerous YouTube guided sleep meditation hypnosis videos that I really liked and created a play list for bedtime. They are great because you can choose specific add ons for numerous issues, like “over active mind”, pain relief, health, positive affirmations and so on. It’s literally been life changing. It used to take me a very long time to fall asleep. I’d toss and turn, count penguins and sheep. Before finding the guided sleep meditation hypnosis I tried just about everything to fall asleep to no avail.

If you have difficultly falling asleep or staying asleep give the guided sleep meditation hypnosis a try. Hopefully it will help you as much as it has helped me :)

No electronics at least 1 hr bfr I go to bed, consistently going to bed at the same time, no caffeine , no alcohol several hrs bfr bed. Definitely not eating late. I also do some stretching. I keep it as close to status quo as possible. Routine is the best thing I find for a good nights sleep.

I use the cpap machine

I’ve noticed that if I do a little steam it puts me to sleep it’s all natural can the sleeping pills aren’t working anymore

Good routines

try 1 part turmeric mix with black pepper, it helped at bed time

I like to lay in bed listen just light music, talk to my spouse about just anything

I like to drink a nice cup of green tea and read something spiritual

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Melatonin is wonderful in the right dose. Start out very low or you might have nightmares. I’d recommend taking it under doctor supervision even though you can get it OTC.