Sleep challenges and remedies

This is a place to discuss sleep challenges and tips for a more restful night.

What helps you wind down for a better night’s sleep?


Overall, I try not to get too stressed out about sleep and recognize that even laying in bed is restful for my body. I definitely avoid screens for an hour or so before bed and when I am awake at night. I always have something boring to read for when I am awake at night. I know a lot of people will drink chamomile tea at night, but I try to avoid a lot of liquids for a few hours before bed.


I use the sleep and relaxing diet supplement medicine I take 2 at night and a good night sleep follows


I’ve always heard that it is bad to have the TV in the bedroom. Your bedroom is supposed to be a place where you relax and a TV can interrupt that. Try to make your bedroom a place for just one thing…sleep (well maybe two things but won’t mention that other thing here.)

I’ve also heard that looking at your cell phone at night if you wake up is a “no-no”…It is a sleep disrupter and makes it hard to go back to sleep.

If I’m having trouble I try some breathing exercises. Relaxing the body and mind. For me, deeply inhaling and slowly exhaling several times gets me to a calm place.


Janet - Do you know what is in the medicine you are taking? Melatonin is a common supplement for sleep.


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Diphenhydramine (basically drowsy anti histamine, buy at Target)

• Dim the lights 2-3 hours before you go to bed
• Limit screen time, use a blue light filter if you have to look at your phone
• Exercise, especially if you have a desk job
• Go for a 2 mile walk before you go to bed to clear your head
• If your brain is racing, write that stuff down
• Wake up at a consistent time EVERY DAY


cheap at Costco the sleep and relaxing diet supplement comes from care pharmacy I have a little light that changes colors that makes me drowsy I just fall asleep plus I work 2 days a wk at dollar tree it’s busy busy busy that helps too


I love the Sleep and Relax Supplement from CareZone! It helps me sleep so well. I’m glad to hear that you are benefiting from it as well Janet! ❤️


How do I get a better nights sleep I’m restless and have a hard time getting rest


We’re so happy to hear that you and @janet are enjoying the Sleep & Relax Formula! (We definitely sleep better at night knowing you are getting some rest too). :)

Thank you for sharing in the Community. I hope you both have a wonderful holiday season!

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I am prescribed Seroquel. It definitely helps me sleep! However, it seems to make me really groggy in the morning. So I started taking 2- 5mg Melatonin gummies and about a half hour after I take them I fall asleep and don’t feel groggy in the morning with them.


Sounds of water


Melatonin is what I take to sleep. Natural and it doesn’t make you feel awful the next day.


Hello, I’m new to this site I’m 60y/o woman who has to take medication for the rest of my life of course unless I opt for a very invasive spinal operation, and thus far have chosen to not have.


Retirement and a CPAP machine has helped me sleep better.


I smokes weed b4 I go to sleep


I’ve had insomnia since I was a teenager. A few years ago i was diagnosed with hypersomnia. So i can’t sleep when I should, but I’m very tired all the time and I doze off when I should be awake. I was taking pills to sleep and pills to stay awake, but the pills were interfering with each other.

Since I got my medical marijuana card I’ve been able to cut out 3 prescription medications. I no longer take my anti-anxiety pills, my pills for RLS and my sleeping pills. By vaping the indica strain of marijuana it helps me relax and to stop my brain from cycling. Plus, there is no groggyness in the morning and it doesn’t interfere with my daytime stay awake pills.


I take Melatonin 100% Preservative Free before going to bed and wear eye mask to block out the light


I go to bed around 11pm devices get put away @9pm no caffeine after 7pm I drink either apple juice or tang which I’ve loved since I was a kid
Also I play music on my at a very low volume but just loud enough to hear it usually takes about 15 minutes to fall asleep.


I use my phone for the music couldn’t edit my previous post