Hi there , my name is Tom. I’ve been sic for more than 25 years. Most of them were because off being MISDIOGNOSED ! Finally I felt clear enough to search the web and found that I have M.E./ CFS or S.E.I.D. Now I have different levels of difficulty. Basically I’m ALLWAYS tired , in pain and my brain isn’t always on point .
I’m a disabled auto tech. I had to stop working about 7 years ago.
Any way I can definitely emphasize with your situation . I used to take a shower at least once a day. Now sometimes my wife has to either help me get out of the bathtub or completely wash me .other days I appear " normal " .even still on those good days a simple shower is way to much. I can’t believe that I go so long w/out a wash . Its NOT because of depression. Anyone with this type of problem would be a little depressed BECAUSE of the illness makes me change my normal ways .
Anyway, obviously now I take more baths now . But that’s only sometimes. It is a little bit disgusting but it is what it is .
Keep up the good fight


I have due to becoming disabled. Don’t be so hard on yourself.


@Samantha, try washing your hair in the kitchen sink. I’ve done it myself at times.


Sounds like depression. I have been there, but it would help your body out by getting chair that you can sit down and use a handheld shower head.

I had to get a handicapped unit with a built in seat with a handheld shower head. Now when I have to stand to take of those hard reach areas, I pray to God to help me so my knee won’t give out causing me to fall. So far, so good.


You are not alone…I struggle with this too. Have ever since I can remember. . My depression combined with joint pain and back pain from my Spina Bifida diagnosis and being overweight makes things hell.


I went through the same thing for a few years. I’m not sure what it is but I shower now.


Is it possible till you feel more secure that you if you have on to take a bath and wash your hair in the kitchen sink


I used to take a shower all the time. Now I don’t like to take a shower. It feels good after but it is so hard to get in. I don’t know why, maybe depression. You are not alone.


Just found this community health chat. Been reading a number of entries. I’m feeling th same way. I can’t get myself into th shower. Have grab bars, a shower chair. All kinds of help aids. But can’t get myself to take my clothes off & get in. I live alone, have osteoarthritis, neuropathy, and etc,etc, etc. Th upper body gets washed by standing at th sink, lower body too. I don’t know why I’m afraid to get naked & climb in. It feels so good wen I do get there. The chronic pain is depressing. I sometimes miss Dr appts because of anxiety. Been taking methotrexate, just started Humira. I gess I’m rambling. I need to talk sometimes. Can’t hold th fone any longer, carpal tunnel. Thanks for listening. Maybe next time I’ll write my thoughts better. Used to be a neat nik. Now I can’t vacuum it hurts the back too much. My hands hurt so bad I can’t crochet any more. Agin thanks for being there.


Sounds like you may want to consider counseling. It can be depressing when convalescing, especially when pain is involved. Maybe a home health care worker to help you as well.


I have the same problem. As embarrassing as it is, sometimes I can’t remember when I showered. I have actually missed Doctor appointments because the extreme exhaustion that plagued me keeps me from getting ready. I’m just too tired to shower, get dressed, and do my hair. I also have severe arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, Sarcoidosis, depression , severe anxiety, and Antiphospholipid syndrome ( a blood clotting disorder-oops spelled it wrong). I am on Abilify and Effexor. I don’t feel depressed, just kinda frozen. My father and brother are both in hospice and expected to die at any time. I’m actually dealing with it amazingly well. I need a new psych. & therapist, but that’s another whole bag o worms!!


Totally understand. I can’t push myself to get a shower because it wears me out.


That’s why you share on here what’s going wrong and I’m sure others can relate, I can. If you want to chat I’m here…take care!


That’s a lot of responsibility that was put on you to get your mom showered. I see why you have the added anxiety taking a shower…I hope that you are able to get through this and hopefully back to showering more…take care


I AM ALSO like that. I have


I have the same problem while getting into and out of the tub. I have a shower/ bath chair so that helps, but standing up makes me very shaky.


Hi! I have the same problem with taking a shower, which, began when I fell in the shower hitting my back & head with the facet, making me stuck in the tub. 911 was called, paramedics & firemen showed up & it took 4 of them to get me up - I ended up in the hospital, lucky me, I didn’t break anything. That was the beginning of my issues with balance.
I was falling often until I had my right knee replaced and learn to walk, again. I’m still having some issues, now, with my left knee & hips. I have osteoarthritis throughout my body.
Getting into the bath can be frightening & at times still is too much for me. I don’t know if you have one of those shower benches. I think they are great & without it, getting into the shower would have been impossible.
You might want to talk to your doctor about your issues with the shower & they can help you by either pointing you in the right direction or prescribing you one of those bench’s or to a physical therapist who can help. I’ve had several physical therapists all have been very good & extremely helpful.
I hope this helps - oh, I forget to say that, yes, I have been dealing with dealing with depression and PTSD for years, which doesn’t help.
Good luck with the shower - I know it will get easier & you’ll be back to your usual clean self.


I have gone through times that it’s been harrdfo me to shower. When I was younger we took baths onc a lot week in a wash tub. Th re were three of us girls. Always wished you wouldn’t be last. When we got a tub inside the bathroom we took one once a week and washed our hair under the same no faucet twice a week and it once in the bathtub.
As an adult I continued with the routine unl as I had been working? then I took one nightly.
We always took sponge baths in between baths. Remember


I have to force myself to shower. What I do is plan my showers. The day or night before I say "tomorrow morning I’ll shower after I do my laundry or dishes etc. I have shower bars all around and use a soft spray. Otherwise it may not get done. I wish you the best. Pain does make daily living quite the challenge.


Yes I have been there. Sometimes I think it is I am afraid of falling. But I also have been very depressed due to my disability