I have the same problem about showering. Not physically. I can go from days to sometimes weeks before taking a shower. I also have body issues specially since I had two stroke’s years ago. I hate my bathroom has mirrors everywhere where I feel I see my ( ugliness) . I know no one thinks I am ugly but that is how I see myself.


I find that trying to keep a schedule really helps. Also may be buying some calming herbal body washes and making it an indulgence as well as self care promise.


Oh I also wanted to add that realizing that even though our moods limit us, our bodies are capable. Others may not have that. Seeing your physical ability as a motivator. Visualize how great you will feel.


Thank u so much gammy. I did something - except it was after u freaked out. I had a “toolbox” if tools that would help with the pain anxiety n depression. First level was to cut off any unnecessary tasks. Then I retreated into my recliner, used icy hot in my legs (nueropathy), took xynAx and/or Lyrica, shit the curtsins,.turned the phone off, went to the bathroom inly when I absolutely had to …n then a bunch more. But I love the spoon idea. I only have 3-4 hrs a day when I can stand the pain n then I have to baby myself or it will be overwhelming. I’m going to look into the spoon thing. I guess I do it to some extent now. If I have to get groceries I won’t clean the house the same day- both are physical n willake the pain worse. I do the same with mental tasks. Thank u so much.


Try a ten minute shower and see if that helps. Be kind to you.
Hugs and love.


Gammy I just read the story of the spoon therapy n it made me cry- n nothing makes me cry. It has been so hard since I developed the pain problem 12 years ago to explain why I can’t do anyting- not anything more. It why I can’t talk on the phone or go out to lunch or clean the house unless I plan for it. My house used to be so clean . Now I just accept it because there is nothing I can do about it most days. Thank u so much I sent the think to 11 of my friends n family. Especially my sister who keeps telling me about jobs she’s heard about. While I crazily scream I couldn’t go to the bathroom for five hours yesterday but u think I can get a job? Like I’m laying on the couch drinking margaritas. Thank u so much you’ve helped me feel less alone- other people feel the same way I do. If u ever need anything let me know. N that thing I wrote about the toolbox- it helps u recover when uve used up to many spoons. Everyone’s toolbox is different n it doesn’t make me have more spoons but it stops me from paniacing n it gives me a sense if control when the pain- or depression I guess has control. Thank u so much n merry Christmas.


I get these really nice cleanse cloths from my insurance. U can probay buy them at the store. They have soap on that u don’t have to rinse off that doesn’t dry ur skin. Still it is hard for me to accept that at the age of 47 I can’t shower myself everyday. Inly the people living with me know that I’m too embarrassed. I cut off my ling hair because it looked so bad dirty


Mimi My mom just died in Jan - she was 75 which is not old. She was the same funny living giving person she was at 40. Anyway she spent get entire life loathing how she liokef- we didn’t eat out as kids go to the beach Soo many things. As she was dying her heart was failing - she gained 40lbs in water judt in her stomach hips n thighs- n she was still feeling horrible be ause she was fat. Please please stop wasting your time thinking u are ugly. Hiwy mom hated her body lead to all of me n my siblings having body issues n it hurt sooo bad to have someone I love feel that bad all the time about themselves. However since I was raised with my mom I had the same issues even when I was 49ibs under weight. I found a truck that worked for me. I agined a brick wall- strong made out of thick stones n I shoved that feeling n thought behind the wall. When I started feeling that way - I picture showing it back over n repairing the crack it had slipped through. In the beginning I imagined how it felt liked smelled anyting-to not think the bad thought. Now I can just think of the wall n I stop thinking of the bad thought. It might sound crazy but it has worked for me. My daughter was in 80mg of Prednisone at 5 n I taught the trick to her- but she imagoned it buried n covered with grass. That is how she comes with things she can’t handle or that she can’t deal with right away. I haven’t passed my hatred of my body to my 2 children- they didn’t even know I felt that way till their early 20s. I hope this helps u. I wish my mother had not hurt so badly n I’ll say a prayer for u tonight that u can stop


@Amy47 You are very welcome! While I am not the author of the spoon theory, I am very glad to know that sharing it here has helped someone! Knowing I have in some way been instrumental in helping to make someone’s day a little easier helps me immensely with my depression. Thank you for that gift in return. Merry Christmas to you as well. It can be such a busy time. Hopefully, the spoon theory can help us all get through it with minimal pain, and maximum peace and joy!


There’s dry shampoo you might be able to purchase at Sally’s beauty supply if you can’t get into the shower on a daily basis. Call first if you don’t want to take a waisted trip. Or possibly order on line on ruff to get out kind of days. Good luck with that. :)


Sometimes I take 2 or 3 in one day. Other times I go nearly a week. I’m always in pain and alone, with only a few friends on social media to chat with. I usually feel better after a shower but sometimes just too lonely and depressed to do it.




My depression keeps me from wanting to shower but my mom makes me at least once a week. I haven’t shaved my legs in at least 9 months and no motivation to do it. Taking a shower makes me so tired so I avoid it at all cost.


I also have the same problem. I just don’t have the desire to do anything. I close myself up in my bedroom. Only come out if I have to.


I was in an abusive relationship, and was beaten black and blue and bloody while in the bath. I thought for the longest time that was the reason I had to force myself to take a shower; it is so nice to see that I’m not alone in this.


I do at times. Now I try to take showers at nights when I am more relax so I dont have to worry about it in the morning. I have done for days and was not proud of my self. But sometimes I am just so sad. Try taking them at night.


Yes I too just can’t …just get in the shower!! Love it when I do…feel better…look better…yet…no shower!!


I think a bath chair would help you. So please give it a try.


I feel that not wanting to take a shower is silly but I just can’t make myself do it. I used to take a shower every day when I was working and after retirement I dropped to ever other day.
I am 70 now and once a week seems to be about the normal. I try to blame it on my long hair. I wash it every time I shower.
I have just moved from California to Pennsylvania and I say it’s too cold. Not true I have a hairdryer.
I hope we get better as life continues to try to get us down let’s take our strength and say " today I will get up and take that shower and be happy that I did",


I have always had trouble going to sleep. I use over the counter meds but they give me bad headaches. My doctor will not prescribe me anything to help me sleep.