Does anyone have a problem pushing themselves to get in the shower? I’ve never gone this long without a shower, I just can’t get myself in. I disgust myself. I used to take one if not 2 showers a day. I injured my acl back in February and have had a hard time standing and bending my knee while in the shower, ( no it hasn’t been since feb since I’ve showered, that’s just when I injured my knee) but now it’s something else. I hate it! I don’t know why I can’t seem to force myself to get in.


Hi I want you to know you are not alone.
I am having the same problem I just don’t
care anymore and it’s not me. I don’t even care if I
Clean the house anymore either I will break down and do it that’s not me either got a lot going on
and no one cares by the way I am Linda from Alabama. It’s hard but I make myself do it
when I can do it I know I ain’t much help here but if you wanna talk I am here


Have you thought of trying to get a chair into the shower?


Sorry to hear, I myself have Fibromyalgia and the water pelleting my skin with pin pricks of pain, I now shower once a week because of alydonia. I hate it and take, what I call mini baths everyday, with a washrag or wipey bath. Hope things get better for you.


Thank you all, knowing I’m not alone is reassuring. I myself don’t seem to care and that is just not me. It started with injuring my knee and not being able to stand for the length of a shower, and then I wasn’t able to shave my legs because our shower is just a bit wider than I am, I wouldn’t even call it 2ft wide all around and no bath tub(which I miss soo much!). I’ve gotten so that I wear a bandana everyday just so people won’t see my greasy hair. I’ve never felt so gross and disgusted of myself. I was raised to have good hygiene and I often just want to cry because I have no self motivation or self discipline to push myself to get in. I don’t believe I smell too much, that’s a plus. I as well do “mini cleans” with a wash cloth or just a towel to wipe off any sweat or dirt. I file my nails obsessive compulsively as well as clean underneath them, I can’t stand dirty fingernails! I file them so much I’ve started noticing my nails at the bottom by the cuticle is bendable. I am filing them so thin the nail bed is right there! I have tried therapists/counselors my whole life and I haven’t connected with any of them. I just have soooo many problems and dumb thoughts, I just don’t know what to do anymore.


Yes, it can become quite a chore when pain is involved. Add the depression caused by not being able to do things you once did with ease, and showering becomes a huge ordeal. I suggest getting a shower chair. It makes things so much easier, less painful, and should restore the feelings of comfort a shower can give.

I am very frustrated, angry, and depressed about things I can no longer do. I use the spoon theory now, and it has made a big difference. It works on everyday projects as well as the bigger things. In essence, ( in case you don’t want to go to the link I will provide) you tell yourself you have a certain number of spoons (energy units) for each day. Then make a list, either mental or written of what you have to do. Remember that EVERYTHING is involved, ie, getting dressed=2 spoons, fixing breakfast= 1 spoon, etc.

Allow yourself the same number of spoons per day. If you run out, you are done. If you have some left over, you can apply them to the following day, provided you get a full night’s sleep. It may seem tedious at first, but as you use it, it becomes second nature.

Then, if someone asks you to go to an event, you can figure out how many spoons will be needed and save them up a day or two in advance. If you are so bust you cannot accept, you can explain the spoon theory, so they will understand and give you more time to plan next time.

Here is the original:


It feels different than it used too. It’s almost like a painful thing while I’m in there but feel so good afterwards as long as I don’t get cold cause that really hurts.


The depression is the hardest thing to deal with. It can get so bad you only see through a dark tunnel. You’re overwhelmed by simple daily things and complex things are impossible. Most people try to self medicate with alcohol, grass, coke or worse. My drugs of choice were alcohol and cigarettes with a little weed thrown in for those really down days. Connection with a counselor that understands what you are going through is essential. This is one of those times it is good to shop around. For those of us with severe depression, antidepressant drugs are a lifesaver, literally. It takes awhile to get them sorted and balanced but a trip well worth it. The alternative is too brutal to endure.


@Paulie Well said! I think you just described it perfectly. On top of all that, I feel guilty because I think I am being lazy, so that creates a vicious cycle, that is almost impossible to stop. I am taking Celexa, but am scheduled to see a Psychiatrist soon to see if there might be something better suited for me. The Celexa helps, but I still bottom out at times.


I have the same problem! I usually try to get bath bombs and lay in the bath. I also try to get dry shampoo for my self loathing gets really bad. I’ve been wanting to put up a chore chart so I can use stars for when I shower but I haven’t done it yet.


Take a sponge and fill the sink with water, sit on a stool and hand bathe yourself if showering doesn’t work. I hope that helps your knee heal.


Thank you for this! I am 52 and I remember taking multiple showers a day, long showers when I was younger and primping. When I was in my late 40’s I was in an abusive relationship then ended up doing drugs and eventually went to prison for 8 months. Since the abuse, I started not showering, got worse in prison and now I STILL have problems. I feel disgusted with myself, I spend money on make up and beauty products, but they just sit there.


I was just put on celexa 20 mg, I was on effexor but got bad headaches. Why didn’t celexa work for you?


@Tinalogson, Celexa is working for me, and I have taken it for several years with no adverse effects. But its a good idea to have a professional look at your medicine list to make sure what you take is the one best suited for you. So I am pretty much just going in for a ‘tune up’ so to speak. :)


I too have trouble with this. For me I know it’s because of when my mom was sick and I was a teenager, I used to have to shower with her to her get her clean. It never was relaxing! And baths are out of the question, I was abused as a kid in the tub. Talk about flash backs!!!
My heart goes out to you. Take it one moment at a time. Take sink baths, that’s what I have to do when the anxiety gets so bad.


So happy to report that I just got out of the shower!
It has been 21 days since I have got into the shower, it feels like the slime of my depression has gone down the drain. I wish it wasn’t so flipping hard to get in cuz I feel safe in my house, but one day at a time.


Me as well. I’ve balance issues with anxiety. I struggle when showering. Wear medical alert device most of the time. Haven’t fallen yet, however it’s a constant fear.


Yassssss! Me! Sometime its days before I shower one time 4 days. I have a hard time getting in the shower. It’s like a task. It’s hard to force myself in, ppl dont get it. Sigh…I feel ur pain.


Yes I don’t like to take showers when I’m depressed I don’t know why it doesn’t make any sense. But I actually started taking baths my husband got me to take a bath and I know that I love to take baths but it’s just hard mentally to get myself to do it. Luckily I don’t have any body odors or oily hair so I can go several days without a bath but I love my bath so once I’m in its okay. Maybe you can try taking a bath make it nice with a candle and some scented oils some music it might help your spirit. God bless you


I have problems with shower science I spend 6 weeks in shelter