Hello my name is jose and i suffer from mental illness more specificly shcitzophrenia anf yesterday was a bad day for me i dont know what triggered mybmentall illness but very early in the morning i noticed that i was very irratable and as the day progressed i began yo pick up more symptoms like i started to hear additional voices what i mean by that is tgat i was hearing other voices that werent my families nor my own so i went on with my regular day but the good thing is that when i was young i was taught gownto cope with voices and at late at night i discovered that the sypmtoms were gone every one but i cant say i wasnt scared cause i was but thanks to my coopings skills inwas able to pass the day with no problem 😊


Coping skills are so important for any situation we find ourselves in that is unpleasant or scary. Kudos to you for remembering your coping skills and implementing them throughout the day! Unfortunately, I know many people who don’t think of their coping skills until frustration sets in and many bad things have already happened. Good for you!!!


I have had schizo affective bipolar one for 30 years. I have also heard God and other holy spirits talking to me…the psychiatrist just put me on 2 mgs of haldol along with the 280 mgs of held an which I have been on for 20 years…the voices finally went away but when I’m praying I still hear Jesus answer me in a voice…so I don’t know if its working or not…today my tv broke and all,my other problems flooded my mind. I don’t have any coping skills as I can’t remember them so I just read about God and listen to,music with headphones…I hope tomorrow is better…sometimes I just feel lime I am in a cage…nothing seems to help except to take an extra klonopin and hope my anxiety goes down…good for you that you have coping skills. This hit me at 33…I’ve never been the same…I will pray you have better days…and for myself also…write if you chose I will answer


I’m sorry that you suffer this but always remember you have the best friend in me and god will always be with you I’ll be praying for you


How was your day today Jose?


It is so awesome you were able to use your coping skills. You are so strong and in tune with your symptoms that you were able to cope and mute them. And you got through your day. Be blessed Jose!!