Shingles vaccine

When should I get a shingles vaccine


I saw my doctor today for a long-lasting hoarse voice, and she checked back through my vaccination records. I got a shingles vaccination something like 8 or 10 years ago, it seems, but that version, she said, was only about 10% effective. Now, she said, there is a newer vaccine that’s about 90% effective, given in two shots six months apart. I can’t give you medical advice, I’m just passing on what my doctor said about the vaccines available.
Ask YOUR doctor.


I just got my shingles vaccine at the age of 56yrs old, and my clinic told me anytime after 50yrs old.

Research. I’ve refused to get one because I was told they are only 10% effective. And Medicare won’t cover it

I just got my two in December 2019 age 50
Dont wait