Sending data to doctors

Does anyone know if there is a way to send my reports to my doctor and how is it done?

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They have they’ll own website. My doctor just wants me to bring in my meter every time I see him

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Hi,I post every thing on the care app on my phone,an take my test with me.I also keep a complete record of all meals an the amount of carbs consumed at each meal and all snacks.yes it is a little time consuming but I am retired an 81 yrs an do my best to stay healthy. Been diabetic sense 1997 type 2.
Doing ok.


Perhaps you did not understand my question. I asked it because it is request. Since my doctor is not seeing patients in the office. I do not go to your doctor and need to send my results to him in a week.

I don’t think you answered the question.

I don’t think you understand my question. There is a reason why I asked it. My doctor is not seeing patents because of the con-virous. I need to send it to him.

Ordinary if I were seening the doctor obviously I would show him my care zone and its information. I also use My Fitness Pal and would show him that if I could see him.

Any suggestions?


If you have your doctor’s email and if there’s a share button then you could send your results that way or you could do a virtual visit/call.


Fax? Available at Office Depot.

I was trying to avoid this.

Where is this function?

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Top right corner of your screen should have a share option. You could screenshot your results and email or use the share option.


What type of meter are you referring to, blood glucose?

Lol, yes there available, but where’s da $ to buy it?

Yes, my endocrinologist won’t see me unless I have my meter with me. They download the results at the office.