Search for Journal Entry

While entering Rx’s there’s an “add entry” below it & place for photo, so I entered the Rx… to learn it was entered in the Journal… I has suspected it would be attached to the Rx entry. All I enter in the Rx entries, are “journal entries”. Do I really need to know every time I make a correction on an Rx while I’m learning how to use the app. No, not something I’d enter in a journal in a health app… and none of it is intuitive, but there might be a way to mitigate this and make the journal meaningful and more useful. Search. Since you’re entering everything in there (not my intention) might be nice to be able to find the things I mean to enter in the journal… like “had fever today” or ??? something that is “journal like”.

Seriously… need a search function since the journal itself is a conglomeration of misc, usually irrelevant and unrelated info.


I only use the journal occasionally, certainly less than half the time, maybe less than half of the days. When I do use it, it’s usually in the journal for my cat, to note a variation in the way I administer a dose to her. E.g., whether I use a pill popper or grind the pill into powder and mix it into her canned wet food.