Scan physician / business cards

It would be very helpful for me to have all of my Doctors Business cards in an app on my phone instead of a bunch of doctors business cards in my pocketbook


Thanks for the great idea I was looking for something like this the cards are great but hard to keep track of …Having a tracker in carezone would help 1000%

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Great idea!! That way you can quickly find their contact info all in one place.
Not sure this would work, but for the time being, you might try going into the “photos” section in the app, click take a photo, then take a photo of the card. Like I said, haven’t tried it, but it might work until they can add something specific for business cards.


Last week I found an app in the Apple store that takes and keeps photos of Business cards. So now👏🏽I have all my doctors card in the app. I’m 😃 happy

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Awesome!! Glad you found something that works well!😊

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This is what I do.