Same medication but different dosages on different days of the week


On Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I take 10mg of pravastatin. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I take 20mg of pravastatin.
Right now it looks like I’m missing some of my meds when I look at my calendar.
Is there a work around to make this happen?


Hello—I’m happy to help!

Since you’re taking two different dosages of the same med, you can add a separate med for each. This will allow you to set individual reminders for the 10mg and 20mg dosages, so you can track them accordingly!

Just in case, here’s instructions for adding a second med below:

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That’s exactly how I do it. I add the med 2 times with the different doses and days taking and it works for me


Yes, I am in this situation as well. This really needs to be recorded correctly, and there isn’t a way currently. Mine is a Coumadin issue - Monday and Friday 8 mgs, rest of the week 10 mgs.


I also take different strengths of the same medication on different days of the week, and would appreciate the ability to show it on a med list that could be shown to a medical professional, whether it be a specialist or, God forbid, an emergency medic

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Hi @SherryL and @mightymouse—Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

Meds with varying dosages can be added as separate meds in the app (e.g. Coumadin 8mgs and Coumadin 10mgs). This will allow you to set individual reminders for each dosage and track your med adherence accurately too!

I’m here to help if you have any questions.

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