Rheumatoid Condition

Thank you for your advice and opinions.

Along with ankylosing spondylitis, I have RA in some areas of my body. My hands have been most notable this past year. I was on a biologic medicine for almost 10 years and it held the “tiger” at bay. I had to go off those injections and now taking sulfasalazine. It was slow to work but I’m finally feeling the benefits all over.

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Yes, I’ve been having infusions for years. So far not helped will be speaking w rheumatologist, change meds or stop. It affects my feet the most

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All I can say it Gentle movement, I also have another disease that affects my body, but YES, it’s an autoimmune disease

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I have been seeing a Rheumatoid arthritis specialist for 4 years now. Am on medicine for treating it.

I’m also on infusions & Sulfasalazine I’m not getting any relief. the CRPS does not respond with ANY form of treatment, at stage 3 now, no one has survived to stage 4

I was recently correctly diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. From several years back I have had the knuckle modules and pain in my hands and knees. And I didn’t think a whole lot about it other than arthritis. I was told as a teenager that I probably had juvenile or a but nobody confirmed. Well it’s confirm now and I’m 65. I go through days where I can do most anything and then there are days when I’m flat on my back in tears because of the pain. Nothing seems to work well with it. Meloxican does take the edge off but you know I just doesn’t stay there. I also have Percocet which I don’t take as often as the doctor would like me too. But it doesn’t seem to cut it down much 25% at the most. Sometimes I just wish I could just fly away to heaven and stay there

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I have had RA for almost 20yrs. I started out on methotrexate, then did Humiria shots, then had infusions now I’m on xeljan. Its a pill and it works GREAT!!! RA is an autoimmune disease. And most of them, you end up with a 2nd one. The rheumatologist has to find the right medicine for you. The problem with most of them is because you have an AI your body is fighting against itself. It’s telling the rest of you that your joints are bad so it’s trying to fix the problem. The meds help stop that from happening but in doing that it messes with your white blood cell count. Which makes it easier for you to catch other things if you aren’t careful.

There are 4 stages to rheumatoid?

I have been on meds for R. A. at least 4 years. I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Deficiency because my immune system collapsed pretty much. I am on treatment that I will be on the rest of my life.

I understand how you feel. I have Fibromyalagia along with R. A. and everything starts to mix together.

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Does ANYONE have problems with their toes curled & bent? Almost impossible to manipulate them to move & Al’s ok being diabetic does not help. My great grandmother had RAso bad she could not hole anything

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It’s really hard, especially if you have multiple things going on at once.

Well, just back from surgeons, we met, talked & surgery is on. No date yet

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Does anyone know someone who’s an amputee??

I am being tested tomorrow for RA on my dads side of family have it and I been swelling really bad

I was tested for years, and there are people who have RA, but it doesn’t show up in the labs, not exactly. My labs didn’t come back positive in all aspects, but my rheumatologist who’s treating me is very experienced. She looked at the labs, and all my physical signs, plus my family history, on both sides. At this point my RA is in my hands elbows, and most likely my shoulders. It’s also possible it’s in my neck, as we as osteoarthritis.
She recently told me that I have severe RA. I’m on Enbrel shots, due to allergy to latex, I’m quite limited in the choices on biologic medications, so we’re praying the Enbrel continues to hold the RA at bay, so I don’t have to start on infusions instead. I’ve had RA for several years. My mother dealt with it for 7 years, and my paternal grandfather, for well over 20 years.


For sure I understand that

RA is an autoimmune disease!!