Retrieve a deleted pain set

I inadvertently deleted a point set on my pain section along with all the notes and pain level. Sometimes I use an older point to copy and paste it into the new point. But this time I accidentally deleted the older point.
Is there any way I can get it back?

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Hi Bruce! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve accidentally deleted an entry from your Tracker. I apologize, but since this information is controlled by the user, it is not backed up once deleted. If you can recall the information, you are able to re-add it to the app by selecting the past date of the entry.

Please reply here if I may help further in any way.

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I posted an inquiry about how to delete entries en-mass like a year or two at a time. I asked because my phone didn’t have enough memory to store all of the things I needed it to. Unfortunately I inadvertently deleted Care Zone but couldn’t bring it back into the phone afterwards. I have the app on an old Android tablet and have been using it since. Without deleting each entry, is there a way to do it from a date back to another date at one time?
I love your app and tell my doctors and nurses about it so they can tell other patients about it.
Thanks for the app 👍👍