Retired c.n.a

Hi I’m Vickie and I’m a retired C.N.A. from Virginia. I have moved to Florida now and I miss taking care of my people but my body just can’t do it anymore. I hate sitting around the house day after day. My daughter lives with me but think God she is leaving in 5 more days to move back home with her father. She has been with me a year and it has been the longest most frustrating year of my life. She can’t leave soon enough.
Anyway my insurance company wants to send an aide out to me or a visiting nurse. And I’m like why??? I know what they do and can’t do. I can take care of myself, clean my house ( as soon as my daughter gets out) I remember to take my meds. I don’t need someone to take care of me.


I can take care of myself, too, but I really appreciated what my home health care team did during their visits. It wasn’t just the medical things that they did. It was the interaction and conversations that we had. It was also the kindness that they showed when they visited. I haven’t been able to get home health care started yet since I moved to NC and I really miss it.
I would advise that you be glad that your PCP has started it for you and when they ask if you want it to continue say yes. Don’t let them stop it because it’s hard to start it later if you have said you didn’t need it before.

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You might someday… think about how many restrictions have turned into bans. I have an aide she company and can do the run and get stuff that I’m not capable of…

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Amen 🙏 to you! 😊

I do have my other half and he gets me what I need every night before he comes home from work. I forgot to mentionhim. He’s the love of my life and without him I don’t know where I’d be.

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