Restore missing info in the "More" module

It used to be that when I tapped “More” at the foot of the page to get to the Journal, there were four rows of options, for 7 or 8 choices. (I don’t remember whether the bottom row was full (2 items) or just had one item, in the left-hand column.) Suddenly today there are only three rows, six choices: see screenshot I never paid attention to most of them, so I can’t tell what’s missing, but something’s gone, that’s for sure. What happened, and why?

This is what mine looks like when I click “more” in the bottom right hand corner of the mobile app. I use an android device.

I have been using the app for serval years and nothing has disappeared from the More

Is your device also an Android?

Mine is an Android device.

Mine’s a Samsung Galaxy S-10 just a few months old.

Is it back to normal yet or is stuff still missing? I wonder if you uninstall the app and then reinstall if that will fix it?

But what would happen to all my stored data?

Just use the same login and you should be fine. That’s what makes it so people can switch between a computer and the app or even if you get a new phone and put the app on your new phone, it’s the same login and the info is saved on the CareZone servers.

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Hi @mamandel! It looks like your device just needs a little refresh! We recently made some updates to the More module (like adding “Achievements”), so syncing the app should fix the issue on your end!

Here’s how to refresh your app on Android:

1- Make sure your device has a reliable internet connection (WiFi preferred).
2- Tap “Home” (bottom left).
3- Tap the “refresh icon” (circular arrow, top right).
4- Wait for the app to complete the sync.
5- Tap “More” to see the updated modules.

If this fixes the issue or if you still need help, please update me here.

Thank you!

Community Manager

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