Restaurant equipment for healthy food

Hello everyone, I would like to ask you if someone of you knows about a company that provides restaurant equipment at low price, because I would like to open my own restaurant where will be only healthy food that will be cooked at equipment created for healthy eating


Facebook marketplace may work for you. Other methods are visiting restaurants and speaking to a manager and get their thoughts.


Cheap equipment can be found everywhere and the quality of the food doesn’t depend on its quality. If you’ll maintain it properly and will keep it clean, it would do his job. The recipes and the products that you’ll use have the biggest impact on the quality of the food. Cheap equipment has a big downside - they break quickly. That’s why you should invest in premium items. Recently I bought commercial beverage equipment from Ian Boer. They have a complex menu of commercial equipment, you’ll find what you need there. And it’s premium quality.

Restaurant auctions happen frequently in most cities. Commercial equipment, especially “smalls” can be found for pennies on the dollar. Buy things like pots and pans, serving pieces, flatware, etc. At the auctions. If you are not an experienced restaurateur don’t buy Electrical# refrigeration, gas or anything else that requires expert service or installation. You won’t pass inspections. However, your question itself is Troubling. Opening a restaurant and running a restaurant is one of the most difficult businesses for small business owners. The biggest indication future of success is prior experience. Your question is so basic that it makes me wonder if this is a good idea for you. Have you written a real business plan with a real budget for start up costs? Do you know how you are going to fund the project? All these questions can be found online and take them seriously. I hope that I have misinterpreted your question and you are just looking for a novel approach. In any event, best of luck and I know from the question itself that you are a good person looking to help others. Gentle hugs and good luck.